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A leave from knitting

In finished projects, knitting, stash busting on May 23, 2014 at 9:01 pm

I’ve been accepted into an intensive graduate program for social work, and this is in addition to the very intense, fast paced job I have. As a result, I already know that my already limited knitting time will dwindle to nothing.

Although it’s early, I have an idea for my thesis… I’d like to incorporate what I love (knitting) as therapy / therapeutic effects in people in crisis. Obviously this isn’t a fleshed out topic and I am just a first year student…Well,will be, starting in the Fall. I’d love to know what books, research papers etc. to begin at.

I feel like I will need a knit buddy to knit for me. There are so many deadlines already and the semester hasn’t even started yet! I don’t think I’ll be making sweaters any time soon.

Who wants to help me? 😀

  1. I will happily help you…I will cheer from the sidelines and if you want to ask me about my experiences with knitting and post natal depression then go right ahead.x

  2. congratulations! love the thesis idea. And I have some advice for you – very simple things that require no concentration, and knit in class. knit on the bus. Knit at meeitngs. You will be amazed how it keeps you calm and focused and you will get more done than you can imagine.

    • Thank you re: acceptance and thesis. Looks like lots of st st and garter stitch in my future…Knitting in class is a no…too intense,need to write notes and need to concentrate. I’ll be driving to school … I suppose I can knit at work during lunch or meetings. How simple is simple?

      • lol simple is pretty simple if you are knitting in class or meeitngs, which I guess you won’t be – lunch and breaks can be a little less so – but things that don’t require constant counting and pattern checking, like hats, socks, scarves, etc. Anything in the round. 🙂 Also projects that you can pick up and put down easily. I have been knitting some beaded necklaces adn earring by Laura Nelkin (she’s on ravelry) and they work up pretty quickly. Also, you can put them down for long stretches and htey wait patiently for you,

      • That’s true re: in the round…Definitely makes sense and I think that that is what I’ll do. Thanks! You’re doing fancy things with beads! I’m not on that skill set, but I will check Nelkin out.👐👏👋👍👊✊👌

      • don’t sell yourself short – the rippled necklace is ten rows of plain knitting/purling and some i cord. You can do it! But it might not be mindless the first time. 🙂
        the ribband is only 4 stitches per row. seriously easy. all beautiful.

        But my own best mindless knitting is hats.

  3. even if you do end up not knitting as much, still check in with us now and then and let us know how classes are going!

  4. Congrats Lady M. I started to crochet again in graduate school. You will need your craft to get through. Blog less knit more. But simple, uncomplicated patterns.

  5. congrats!! I wil definitely be cheering you on from the sidelines!! You go!!

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