The Knitterly Hooker

Holey Moley

In knitting on February 9, 2017 at 10:33 pm

When people know you are a knitter, the believe you can do anything (and we can), including making repairs on tattered favorites.  With normal wear and tear, it is expected that items will develop 1 or 2 small holes…easy enough to repair.  What I was handed though, was ridiculous….one huge hole, at least 4″ in diameter. This monstrosity is situated right in the crevice and cusp in the underarm region. The fiber content is 50% wool and 50% camel hair; the weight could be DK or sport, maybe even worsted.

Take a look:

I’m taking ha problem to the streets! 

I got questions! What’s a gal to do?! I got nothin’. This here, is a situation!
Any ideas on how to go about attempting this repair?

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