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The Notebook

In knitting on June 30, 2013 at 12:00 am

Ideas are abundant and all around us. Swirling about in the atmosphere above our heads, waiting to be plucked down. We all hope to get a break and catch one. For this reason, I have dedicated a notebook to capture an idea I have plucked. I’m not sure about you, but when I get ideas, they often slip my mind by the time I get to paper and pen. I have this book within my reach at all times (stickies too!). My ideas are sporadic and short; once I get them it has to be out on paper immediately or its lost forever. My mind is a raceway, but sometimes time can be my enemy. Ideas stay with the one who is willing to take them further. Ideas are meant to be shared and expounded upon. The only problem I have now is that I haven’t yet figured out what to do when I’m driving and have an epiphany!

It’s Stash time !

In Uncategorized on June 29, 2013 at 7:50 am

Your stash that needs a home…you know the yarn that just looks at you and you look back but don’t wanna touch! Even the scraps!

Lost in Knit

I recently featured Nathan Vincent on the blog and he is now working on a new project and needs your help! Please read the poster below and send him anything you have hanging around.


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My Knitting Bucket List

In knitting on June 27, 2013 at 7:55 pm

Generally speaking,  bucket lists are created by those who are dying or just feel like YOLO.  Or even those who just want to accomplish something with their lives overall or want  to experience a thrill of sorts to make them feel alive. I am creating a bucket list to  feel productive and just have a gauge of how I’m doing with learning technique, that is, growing as a knitter. Time frames are usually set up on these bucket lists so I guess I’ll give myself about a year and a half then reevaluate. I have annual knitting resolutions too….is that the same as a bucket list? Nope. The difference, one is long term goals and the other is short term goals to help achieve the long term goals.  I’m a list maker…I have lists for everything!

With that said, here’s my knitting bucket list…
1. Do a steek
2. Make more sweaters
3. Make more socks
4. Dye my own yarn
5. Design patterns and get published
6. Make something lace
7. Learn to utilize beads in crochet and knitting
8. Crochet a functional swimsuit
9. Travel to different countries for fiber tours ie. Peru, Ecuador etc
10. Knit through Ravelry queued projects.

Since I mentioned it, you are probably curious!I should probably post my 2013 Knitting Resolutions right? Ok, so here it is:

2013 Knitterlutions
1. Knit what I absolutely love
2. Knit 4 queued projects on Ravelry
3. Schedule and organize knitting time realistically in order to create realistic deadlines to avoid anxiety and feeling overwhelmed
4. Knit one project at a time.
5. Finish UFO’s specifically, Lara Zukaite clutch.
6. Take a finishing class and/or buy a book.
7. Use and/or donate stash. Use concept of yarn mixology to conquer stash. [When I say I have stash..I HAVE STASH!lol]
8. Begin knit drafting sweater/ jacket design.
9. Pay It Forward (anonymously if possible) handmade once every 1-3 months.
10. Challenge myself with various techniques in projects; dabble in making modifications to patterns.
11. Avoid buying yarn for the moment … until a complete container is empty.
12. Knit through a book or magazine.

What’s on your knitting/crocheting bucket list and your knitterlutions?? How are you doing with yours?

25 (+1) Fiberlicious Things About Me

In knitting on June 24, 2013 at 4:00 am

I’d love to get to know my readers (if you all promote me and I get 30 followers by the end of July, I will do a giveaway) and them to know me a bit as well, so I decided to post this activity and I’m hoping for some response from you all.

1. I learned to knit to make sweaters.  The funniest thing is I’ve only made 2 sweaters; the first being my first project and the second for my aunt.
2. I rarely use specified yarn for any given project.  I’m trying to get that stash down and work with what I got!
3. My favorite yarn shops are La Casita and Knitty City.
4. My favorite designer is Norah Gaughan.
5. I regret buying Michael’s/A.C.Moore yarn, but I use them to practice a technique or use them up for charity projects.
6. I go to Rhinebeck…for the sheep (and other wool/fiber producing animals), not the yarn.
7. I’m working on designing my own knitwear.
8. I teach knitting and have a knitting group at work.
9. Whenever I travel, I usually make sure I research nearby locations of yarn shops.
10. I have an interest in dyeing yarn, preferably with natural dyes, but I’m not opposed to other options.
11.I’ve been to VKL every year since in began in 2012.
12. I knit in public all the time…I don’t even need a reason!
13. My favorite online shops are Webs, Knitting Warehouse, Jimmy Beanswool, and Eat, Sleep, Knit
14. Just looking at yarn lifts my spirits.
15. I absolutely loathe working with black yarn. I can’t see a thing! It’s like it cripples me or something!
16. I prefer knitting over crochet, although both produce fabulous fabrics.  I will say this though, that when I do crochet, I find that I go faster than I used to.
17. I don’t know how and always get confused when trying to count garter stitch.  I avoid this like the plague  too.
18.  I’m pretty good at identifying yarn that someone is working with (and it has no label).  It does not work on command though, it just comes to me and I share!
19. My favorite fiber is cotton.
20. I think I have, in the past year or so developed a case of yarn snobbery.  I don’t think it’s severe, but it’s definitely there.
21. My favorite yarn brands are Malabrigo, Madelentosh and Patons.
22. When I make socks, I make ’em two at a time, I have a bad case of second sock syndrome. I can’t shake that!
23. When I’m shopping (like Target, Marshalls or Ikea etc) I always looking how things can be used for knitting storage of notions, yarn etc.
24. I sometimes fall asleep knitting.
25. I love the beauty and delicacy of lace, but I hate knitting it.
26. I used to dread patterns with charts, but now I’ve made peace with them. I learned to read charts at Stitches East 2011.

Yarnbox…Opened and Unleashed

In knitting on June 21, 2013 at 1:21 am

Spoiler Alert!

If you have a subscription to Yarnbox and are waiting for your June box and wish to not know the contents please…please. Do not proceed to the video, but you can certainly continue reading.

So Yarnbox is a yarn subscription which I saw an advertisement for in Knit Scene or Interweave magazine back in May. I tried to order it myself, but there was a waiting list and I, of course, added myself. I received an email shortly after with a code which expired in 72 hours. So, I had to act fast!

My birthday was approaching and I sent that code to a special man who understands my love of yarn and knitting. He ordered a 3 month subscription for me. Then I waited and waited some more, for the June 17 ship date. Finally, after what seemed like an eternity, it came. I couldn’t be happier! The yarn is absolutely gorgeous! It’s soft… It’s decadent… It’s all sorts of lushous deliousness! Three skeins of dk weight at 231 yards each were in the box! (Oh snap! Holler!) Do you know what I could make with that?! (Um, seriously, any ideas? I’m going to check out Ravelry for inspiration.)

Um. Just thought I’d share….

(Sorry, I couldn’t contain it! Did you see how I destroyed that box?! Lol)

Following Fiber Factor

In sewing on June 20, 2013 at 5:00 am

If you don’t know about Fiber Factor, you should! Shame on you (just kidding)! This is, in essence, a Project Runway for knitters. It was first heavily advertised at VKL NYC in January 2013. I’d considered entering, but I’m just getting my feet whet.

There are a few challenges but no one gets eliminated (as far as I can tell), just a winner is declared and off to the next challenge they all go. The contestants get about a month to complete the challenge and have to vlog about their thoughts on the challenge and what their intentions are.

Check this video out of contestant Laura (I’m really feeling her concept and loving the ombre effect!) :

It’s not too late to begin following, they’re only on Challenge 2! For more information on Fiber Factor, click here.

Maybe next year you (maybe me too) will swatch and not watch The Fiber Factor!

The judging of Challenge 2 begins Friday 6.22.13. Check it out! I also read somewhere that they are holding the contestants patterns on Ravelry, though not for sale at the moment but being worked on.

On consignment

In sewing on June 19, 2013 at 4:00 am

People say that the right connections are everything. I didn’t really believe in that until it happened to me. I thought these sort of things only happen in movies and fairy tales. All it took was one day ; one conversation. It was most unexpected gesture and I am grateful.

Lessons learned :
1) Make genuine connections with people ; don’t use people.
2) Ask for what you want, the worst that could be said is no.
3) Publicly display your particular skill set. Know your strengths and build on that.

Event: Rowan Spring Fashion Show

In knitting on June 18, 2013 at 11:33 pm


La Casita Yarn Shop Cafe hosted an event to celebrate Rowan’s fashions yesterday evening. Many people were in attendance, including Vogue Knitting VP Editorial Director Trisha Malcolm and a couple up and coming designers. If you have not yet experienced a fashion show or trunk show, you should. It can change your ideas about sizing,fiber selection and you witness first hand, the drape and true nature of the piece. Seeing and feeling the garment can make all the difference.

I had previously looked at Rowan book 53 and I cannot say that I was impressed. Mind you, I’m not saying that they were ugly, but simply not practical for me and my style ( I adore the Rowan Studio books). But last night I must say, I was impressed with the wearability of the intarsia oversized tee;it was easily my favorite piece. The models breathed life into each garment they wore and it was stunning!


Goodie bags were distributed at the end and the content was the most sumptuous and spongy yarn ever… Rowan Lima and 2 balls at that! Furthermore, a pattern was included, and for me, took the pressure off to figure out what to make with this new acquisition.

Melding of the Worlds

In knitting on June 17, 2013 at 11:35 am

I haven’t crocheted in years. I stopped because it was no longer my favorite thing to do. I associated it with pain.. In my wrists, fingers and shoulders. I found a replacement… knitting. Knitting to me was like a piece of pie. Sweet. It didn’t hurt my wrists and the fabric, beautiful and light. Heaven.

Today though, something changed. Nothing dramatic, but I decided to crochet again. Only just temporarily and test the waters. In my quest to design knitwear, my process has been halted my the dreaded yarn selection. Though that is paused, my design thirst had not ended and another avenue sought. Designing is a big deal for me, which I why I decided to start small. I initially wanted to use the fabulous knit lace rib stitch pattern, but it was epic fail. But luckily for more me, bright ideas do not come few and far between. It’s constant. I decided that I’d like to crochet a lacey piece and integrate some knitting.

This is where I’m at folks. I feel like there’s a way to meld crochet and knitting in one piece and it be extraordinary. That’s what I’m aiming for.

This is only the beginning

In knitting on June 16, 2013 at 4:17 pm

From the ashes I arise.  Flames bright and searing hot as a phoenix.  I arise.  My wings are spread in preparation for the flight… Slow, but steady.  There is a passion for knitting, photography, crocheting and sewing that I, with time, hope to become proficient in all.  This resurrected blog is not just about knitting, but about a crafty life…of sewing and crocheting.  I shall require your participation and support. I arise.