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“Handmade just for you”

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This is a close up of Northmoor Watchcap that I gave to a friend of mine for Christmas, today. I think the label made it even more special.

I would have posted this sooner, but unfortunately, I did not know about this sooner. After several hours on Pinterest (you all know how addictive it is so no judgment please lol), I found these gift/care labels.

I printed the labels on a heavier than standard weight printer paper… I think that will be your best bet. When I found this, it sparked an idea to use the labels for charity projects and such for 2014. And I thought to even have them professionally printed in longer lengths for sweaters and such would be fantastic. I like things to be uniform and this would satisfy that look. What do you think?

Please enjoy this simple gift for your handmade gift items. This is just a simple thanks for following me thus far and for all the comments. It came late, but I don’t think it’s ever too late to receive gifts!

Christmas Day

In crochet, knitting on December 25, 2013 at 11:48 am

Christmas Day was spent mainly in bed and then to a friends. I got gifts from co- workers and I had saved this from Fable Fibers. I opened the other gifts from my coworker’s, so those were no longer a surprise but this was. I stuffed it in a box waiting for Christmas for the reveal. I got Fable Fibers Biography DK in Fairy Garden, take a looksie:




I’m not sure what I’ll do with it. Ideas?

Christmas Crunch

In knitting on December 24, 2013 at 10:33 pm


It’s Christmas Eve and I haven’t finished making a cowl to be gifted. I did make one, but it’s mine. A girl has to treat herself right? So as of right now, because I chose to keep the first cowl, I’m under my own pressure time frame to get this one done asap. It’s just been a bit busy at work. Since I’m using Cascade Magnum again, I think all I need is a few hours and it can be around the recipients neck my nightfall.

I’ve been knitting with my lap cat enjoying a couple programmed shows and that has kept me focused (well, obviously not that much since I’m writing this lol)… So maybe not focused, but at peace.

My undisclosed circumstance, though unfortunate, has encouraged me to consider myself first and take time to reflect… Very few gifts have been purchased, so I am freed to consider life, integrity, honor and humility. I realize that the older we get, the less this season is about gifts and more about the quality of people we spend our waking moments with. Consider the most consistent to be precious gifts and treasure them.

Our lives doesn’t have to be perfect to enjoy the company of excellent people, right?

Be well!

Change in circumstance

In community challenges, crochet, knitting on December 14, 2013 at 12:19 pm

Due to an unfortunate set of circumstances that has been the source of the trouble I’m experiencing, the blanket will no longer go to the intended recipient. I will,however, send the cards that were sent for her.  The blanket will be going to someone’s relative at work who is sick. So at least it’s still going to someone in need and will have some gratitude.  At the moment it is being seamed; I’ll be sure to post a picture of the finished piece.

Updated: Cowl will be given away. I will make another for myself.

Another change is that I’m thinking about dissolving my knitting and crochet group at work. I’m getting tired and discouraged. Perhaps in January I’ll be more refreshed.

I really don’t have any more words right now. So, that is all.

2013 Crocheters Gift List

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I want the yarn pet somebody.Please and thanks!🙏

Status: Complete

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As you know, I participated in Fable Fibers November KAL and I had an ammmmmmmazing time doing it! It was just what I needed at this time in my life….pseudo mindless. I was very protective of my yarn and placed a lavender sachet inside to keep bugs at bay but also to keep me peacefully knitting as if I have no care in the world! It was wonderful having that lavender scent penetrate the yarn, my nostrils and the space I worked in. It was so relaxing that a couple times I fell asleep!

I chose to do the Barbara Cowl because I thought it would not only showcase my yarn, but it would be quick. It was a mistake rib pattern. “Surely in a week I’d be done,” that’s what I told myself. HA! It is absolutely true that ribbing is a painstaking process! and the fact that the yarn was DK weight did not help, but once I found the rhythm it was an amazing journey! There were times, I admit, I thought it would never end! The result though was beautiful!

November 2 through November 27, 2013 I worked endlessly and tirelessly, but it was a task I would accept again in a heartbeat. I hope you enjoy my cowl as much as I do!




Heart attack

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Situation #1

OMG! Let me telllllll you all how I almost passed out today! My heart was palpitating so much, you don’t even know!

So I’m rocking my new cowl (I know, I know…I’ll post about it soon, it’s drafted up but needs editting, but I will give a picture now so you can admire the beauty!) for the past week because its super cute. I decided to wear it shopping with one of college girlfriends today and show off my handywork.


We’re at the mall, having a great time, trying on clothes and whatnot and I touch my neck realizing it was BARE! Where is my cowl?! Panic struck and I was angry. Why? Because’s brand spanking new and I made it.’s brand spanking new and I made it and its mine 3. it’s brand spanking new and I made it and it’s mine….I’m sensing you get the point! Seriously though, I was mad at myself for being so careless and absent minded about it. And of course I’m feeling some kind of way about it because its the first thing I’ve made and kept for myself in a long time. And I was mad that maybe someone stole it(so I was watching everyone’s neck within my line of vision ready to pounce!) I don’t know, it felt like (I can only imagine) when parents lose their children and are desperately searching to find them. My heart was in my throat! So after retracing our steps, thankfully, my cowl was found! I was relieved! I must say, I had admitted defeat before finding my cowl and had already resolved to just remake it with the remaining 1.5 skeins left which meant I would have no mittens.

No doubt that immediately upon its rescue, it was around my neck and there it remained until I came home. Believe that!

Situation #2

Upon returning home,with my beautiful cowl, wrapped tightly around my neck…I unwinded for the evening and went to Ravelry. I’m looking to make someone a hat and I wanted a pattern, but before I even did the search, I went to Friends of Fable Fibers group. Why? Because earlier in the week I inquired as to who won the FFKAL prize. So I went to the thread and don’t you know it that every single last person who participated in it won a skein?! OMG! I almost passed out! I am so thrilled and humbled right now! That was so unexpected and I am just really grateful! I emailed Lelah my address so probably in a week or so it will be at my home? In any case it’s just in time for Christmas. I’ll probably wait for Christmas to open it because I think (read:I know) it’s the only gift I will have. Seriously. So yeah, I’m really happy!

Black Friday Haul

In knitting on December 5, 2013 at 9:06 pm

I posted about it and I was about it.
I indulged in the Eat,Sleep, Knit’s Black Friday sale.

My purchase came in the mail today and though I was looking forward to the yarn, I have to admit I was more excited about the lottery ticket! In fact, when it came it was the first thing I grabbed! I was excited until I scratched it and saw what I got… Ok, I’m not complaining (not really) but I’m disappointed!

My prize? A $5 store credit. I always get this!

I am convinced that they know what each lottery ticket holds and separate each prize result in a specified, labelled bin. Hmph. Can I please win a kit or a $50 store credit?

I guess I’ll keep trying.

Yes, ok, I digress. The yarn…


I ordered one skein of Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted in the color Echo (left) and one skein Squoosh Fiberarts Ultra Worsted (right) in color Velvet.

I was again disappointed, but not with the whole parcel. I thought that Echo was more of a grey, but when I received it,looks like dried face mask grey-brown. I had planned to use it for Structured Alpaca Cowl but now I’m not inspired to use it for that…..I had a very specific vision. It will have to grow on me I suppose. I’m not using it for the cowl I don’t think. I’ll order something else. Sigh.

I did loooooove the Velvet though! I think it will be fantastic with Fable Fibers Biography DK in Chloe. Although the KAL is over, I would very much still like to make a pair of mittens to match my cowl.


After taking and posting this picture on Instagram, I’m not sure I like this combo. I could have sworn it was a little redder and not so rusty, brown looking. Ugh! Well, at least this color is among my regular picks so it’s not bad. The yarn is actually browner than what picture shows.

Do you think it’s a good match?

Maybe I’m not getting good color on my phone or tablet?

Oh no, I didn’t post about my KAL cowl yet! Hold tight! It’s coming. It’s on my Ravelry page though.

Um, I think I was in such a yarn buying craze I couldn’t see straight! The yarn is as exactly as pictured! Lol Well now, what to do, ’cause they ain’t working’!

Cascade Kisses

In finished projects, knitting on December 4, 2013 at 12:02 am

Simply put, Cascade Magnum is great and the cowl is done. Now to block it. Ugh! I did find seaming with it to be tricky though. I found that it often separated and snapped when tugged. In addition, there was a knot in this skein. Oh well. I’m not easily deterred.