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MSW: The Knitting Thesis

In events on September 3, 2016 at 9:00 pm

For 2 years, a sacrifice was made to further my education and become a social worker. I knew from the onset that I needed everyone to understand, just how incredibly wonderful knitting was.  I needed to make a case for its importance and relevance to therapeutic practice and relationships. I knew my purpose the moment I walked through the doors of my graduate school.  My classmates and professors alike, endured my incessant jabber about knitting saving the world and changing lives, one stitch at a time. I needed the science of this phenomenon though.

The process was not easy.  I read at least 50 articles and books combined.  Piles of related materials were created on one side of my bed.  This is where my writing action took place.  All that information was synthesized and connections made between the neurological basis of trauma and generating a relaxation response through the cadence of knitting needles.  Adolescents were the target population discussed because their brains are not yet developed. I believe there remains an opportunity for creativity to impact the perception and processing of the experienced trauma, and creating biological changes.

My writing journey only revealed how little research has been done specifically on knitting. There is only one knitting soldier at the moment in the entire world making strides to put knitting on the map in a scientific way.  This person is Betsan Corkhill. I thank her for inspiring me.  I salute her dynamic efforts and I would like to be a part of this change.

Posting about my this achievement on social media has afforded me the opportunity to be featured on Knitty City’s blog.  Read it and let me know what you think.

End of an era

In events, knitting on July 6, 2016 at 10:28 pm

LaCasita Yarn shop has been a place that I’ve frequented for at least 2 years. In this time, they became my family. I always joke and say that they are my Cheers because everyone knows my name. It’s been home. It’s far away, but always worth the travel.

On June 30, 2016, this 6 year old shop closed its doors. Goodbye world! There were festivities and there were people, but at the end of all that, there was no more shop.  Where else can you get vegan chocolate cake, mulled wine, and a skein of yarn?  Where else can I see Jennifer Lopez without the paparazzi? 

Salute to LaCasita for transforming lives and for making Brooklyn great. You will be missed.

Knitting Retreat-Register Soon

In events, knitting on January 24, 2016 at 7:47 pm

WEBS is having it’s first ever knitting retreat!

Check it out: HERE

I gotta go because I simply have never been to a knitting retreat before!

The classes look amazing!

Registration starts February 8, 2016.

Who’s down? Let’s talk!

Week of 1.18.16 : Knitting Review

In community challenges, events, knitting on January 23, 2016 at 1:13 am

1.18.16: I ordered yarn from ESK. I wanted presents again.  I ordered 2 Juniper Moon Farm – Herriot, in color 1026, Inspired By Nature (for regular folks, that’s just green).

1.20.16: Was sick and stayed home.  Did about 1″ of ribbing on my socks.

1.20.16: Ordered more yarn (welp!) from…you know where! I ordered 1 Cascade Eco-Plus in color Pine Needle and Canton (for regular folks, that’s the color of pine needles and a mint green) for this cute sweater. You can’t tell me that’s not FIRE! That sweater is HOT!

I digress, I also ordered Dream In Color – Calm, in color Island, which is reminessent of a beachy feel blue for the water and a touch of sand representing the specs of tan.

1.21.16: Somehow got absorbed into this Carson Throw KAL beginning in February.  The kits are what did me in! Man, those colors just gave me life!!  That Melon colorway though…had me at first sight! Alas! All kits sold out. I’m waiting to pounce though. HOT!!!

1.22.16: Posted on Facebook, an artistic protest regarding the #blacklivesmatter protests.  I was inspired by it.

1.22.16: Got updates on how many hats I would get donated to me from colleagues.

1.22.16: Somehow I felt the need to have animated knitting pictures in my life and I found this to represent my team. It’s too cute!! I know, right?! #teampenguinauts


1.22.16: On ESK again looking at more yarn to make baby hats to donate. I’m for some reason really feeling mint green, so I was thinking about, this, this, and this.  This is not the mint green I’m loving, but it’s still green…  It needs to be a gender-conscious all-inclusive color.  The hat pattern I’m using calls for 100 yards per hat.  I want to get the best bang for my buck.  So far, I’m thinking 2 Cascade 220, because I’m getting like 4-5 hats for $20, as opposed to the others I’m getting 2 hats for $20. Feel me?

Thoughts about my super green complication? Let me know.


2015 Year In Review

In community challenges, events, knitting on January 5, 2016 at 9:18 pm

The Secret is OUT!

WordPress let me in on some stats that I’d like to share with you, here.

Thanks to you all for reading and commenting on my blog so consistently. Doing that has given me the drive and motivation to continue blogging and of course, knitting.

The past year was great, but I have a feeling that this year will be awesome!

Let me know what you think!


In community challenges, events, knitting on November 11, 2015 at 10:00 pm


What is this Ravelmentation might you ask…it’s about documenting our labors of love on Ravelry, consistently and thoroughly.

From the days of ode, raveling in our knitting and crochet accomplishments was underrated and minimally, if ever, documented.  Prior to Ravelry, its inception and implementation, photographing and making notations on technology was a novel idea.  We didn’t pay our works of art much mind and so we made and gave, made and gave, but did not save a permanent momentum of its beauty.  When Ravelry came along, we were still trying to figure it out.  I didn’t realize the importance of really taking the time to photograph and revel my good work and skill, and even my stash, until it came time to attempt to earn my Amelia Earheart badge for ESK Yarnathon 2015.

I had done so much, but no proof of my projects over the years…from 2001.  I saw that I really did not engage in Ravelmentation until I learned to knit…so that’s about 2012. Then I backtracked some, but who has time for that?  I had to make time if I wanted my badge, so I did; creating project pages for them all. We want to move forward in not only acquisition of skill set and knowledge, but onward to literally the next and newest pattern! Drudging up the past, most importantly, for me, revealed a pattern of not completing many a project.  I’ve decided no more to that pattern. I think that being involved in the ESK Yarnathon has ensured that I do; it keeps me accountable and I love the team spirit.  I still got my badges but that’s beside the point.

I implore you to, as best as you can, document and photograph all that you’ve made. Even if you’re no longer in possession of your handmade goodies, still create the project and write how you felt making it because those feelings never go away.

Greatness of Garter

In community challenges, events, knitting on July 20, 2015 at 9:55 pm

My summer has been easy breezy. Much easier than I anticipated, but even still, my calendar has been filled to capacity. There is little time to knit and I have summer brain drain lol. I was trying to do my green tank, which is pretty simple but the outcome- disastrous, and I had to frog. The ribbing and stockinette were much too much for me to think about. I decided to return to my tried and true garter stitch.

Garter stitch makes my brain flow much better! No room for errors. No frogging. Just knitting. And more knitting. It’s mindless and somehow that translates into easier and faster project work ups. I swear.

I’m working on Cascade Scarf no.2 for my ESK mitered square KAL entry. I’ve almost finished a square in a matter of hours. At this rate, I’m giving myself like 2 weeks to complete the scarf, but I don’t know….I have parties to attend. Ha!

ESK 2015 Yarnathon : Team Fleecy Foxes

In community challenges, events, knitting, stash busting on April 4, 2015 at 4:10 pm


I’m surprised at myself (and also ashamed) for not sharing this with you all from the beginning of the year… I’ve been actively participating in the ESK Yarnathon.

 I’m competitive. I like to win and I like team effort. I like to participate in activities with the possibility of winning. And especially when yarn is involved it’s definitely a win, win! 

 Eat, Sleep, Knit yarn shoppe (which I know, I’ve mentioned time and time again) has an annual Yarnathon.  Each person is assigned a team (this year I’m Team Fleecy Foxes).  There are specific task based assignments to complete in order to earn prizes for not only yourself, but the team.  I like this because it keeps me focused and I have something to look forward to when I’m done. 

 I mean, I’ve even found myself plotting my ESK Yarnathon strategy so that I’m efficient in my yarn purchases and maximize my knitting time when I can! I’ve “charted” out in my agenda book when I’m going to knit! So OCD me! lol 

 This is what I’m competing for: Booster Badges and KAL’s.

So far I’ve completed KAL: headgear and new-to-you

I’ve gotten a bunch of badges so far too: social stalker, stash diver, all the single ladies, queue anonymous, and recently, phone a friend. 

I’m pretty pleased with myself with what I’ve accomplished so far, considering that my time is limited. 

My next 2 KAL’s I’ll be working on is KAL#12: Chunky Knits, KAL#10: Selfless Knits and the badges are: Popularity Contest, Binge Knitter, and Mini-Knits.


Join the fun!

VKLIVENYC 2015 recap

In events, knitting on February 1, 2015 at 3:30 pm

There is a saying that is better to be late than never show up at all. So here I am showing up! By now you’ve heard the wonderful stories about VKLIVE5, but I will show you…

The first person I looked for was GG and I found her immediately at the Bagsmith booth.


I loved these bulletin boards! What an awesome way to track attendees! Look at the diversity across cultures and knitting brings us all together!


Hearing the CEO’s and actually meeting them made me more willing to renew my subscription. The first thing I noticed was that the packaging changed…sleek and simple. The best news I heard was no more novelty yarn!


Ute Lennartz tepee was a spectacular art piece and focal point near the entrance of the event.


The most inspirational pieces of art was the 7 wonders of the world display…all knitted. And even more exciting is that I’ve actually been to two…Stonehenge and Taj Mahal! My bucket list is set! They are as follows from the top left down: Stonehenge,Tower of Pisa, Taj Mahal, Mayan Ruins, Sphinx, Great Wall of China, and Easter Island.


These artistic socks I actually saw first at Stitches East several years back, then again at Rhinebeck last year. The company? Art for Your Feet, Tsarina of Tsocks. I bought the cowboy sock kit then…this time nothing. Her work is amazing still. I loved Loops spinning fiber…I always have. The colors are so vibrant and always reminds me of pretty sushi! Lol I loved the pigs because hey we’re cute and dressed so nicely! The bottom left picture are Cornielle Tuttle Hamilton’s designs. These are the 2 I wanted patterns for but she wasn’t finished writing them yet so they were not available. The sweater is Ease on Ravelry…I just loved the shape and the pop of color at the inner collar.


What did I get? Not much actually. My stash continues to grow and my wallet does not, so I curbed my desire for yarn.


What I really stuck around for was the Reader’s fashion show because my long time Ravelry friend Holly aka The Yarnista was a contestant. I got video footage of the show … Check out my Instagram to see the winner.

Vogue Knitting Live NYC 2015

In events, knitting on January 6, 2015 at 11:40 pm

Every year when VKLNYC comes around, I mark that as the new knitting year. Everything is fresh and new. New products, new designers…old designers with new things.It’s that time of year again….VKLNYC

This year VKLNYC is January 16-18 at New York Marquis Hotel.

Who’s going? Let’s meet up on Saturday!