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Wonder Woman

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All those Facebook quizzes tell me I’m Wonder Woman. They ain’t lying! It’s definitely facts. 

Another Wonder Woman is my friend Lexi from La Casita. She is a design genius, I swear!  She’s super nice, sweet, and super helpful, and of course talented.  I too want to really design, I’m not there yet, but she is, and I’d like to help promote her.

I saw her a couple months ago at La Casita designing her super hero inspired ornaments. When she showed me the full vision I.Fell.In.Love.  During the hiatus of seeing her at the shop, she went to town.
I saw Lexi again a couple days ago at an event at La Casita and we had to have a chat.  Lexi told me has kits available and she’ll also make ’em and mail everything. Of course I want one. 

 I’m pleased to announce my new favorite Etsy shop: LexiCorp

What a whimsical way to celebrate the holiday! Check her out!


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What is this Ravelmentation might you ask…it’s about documenting our labors of love on Ravelry, consistently and thoroughly.

From the days of ode, raveling in our knitting and crochet accomplishments was underrated and minimally, if ever, documented.  Prior to Ravelry, its inception and implementation, photographing and making notations on technology was a novel idea.  We didn’t pay our works of art much mind and so we made and gave, made and gave, but did not save a permanent momentum of its beauty.  When Ravelry came along, we were still trying to figure it out.  I didn’t realize the importance of really taking the time to photograph and revel my good work and skill, and even my stash, until it came time to attempt to earn my Amelia Earheart badge for ESK Yarnathon 2015.

I had done so much, but no proof of my projects over the years…from 2001.  I saw that I really did not engage in Ravelmentation until I learned to knit…so that’s about 2012. Then I backtracked some, but who has time for that?  I had to make time if I wanted my badge, so I did; creating project pages for them all. We want to move forward in not only acquisition of skill set and knowledge, but onward to literally the next and newest pattern! Drudging up the past, most importantly, for me, revealed a pattern of not completing many a project.  I’ve decided no more to that pattern. I think that being involved in the ESK Yarnathon has ensured that I do; it keeps me accountable and I love the team spirit.  I still got my badges but that’s beside the point.

I implore you to, as best as you can, document and photograph all that you’ve made. Even if you’re no longer in possession of your handmade goodies, still create the project and write how you felt making it because those feelings never go away.