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Tag Team Sweater status: Worried

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I seriously love this idea! Can someone please do this with me so I can get stash down?

KT's Slow Closet

Tag Team Sweater Project : Sleeve-O-Meter One drawback of the whole Stitches adventure is that I’ve had zero time to knit. The nice thing about a knitting convention is that all the vendors are knitting in their booths all day, in between sales. They’re pretty amazing — they have their yarn in a bag around their wrist or tucked into their apron pocket, and their hands are going a mile a minute, even when they’re standing, talking to customers, walking around. Even if I were capable of getting into a knitting-standing-up groove (I’m a devout cross-legged knitter) there was no time. I knitted two rows of one of Anna’s sleeves on Friday and had to rip them out late Friday night. Then I knitted those same two rows — and maybe one or two more — on Sunday. And that’s it!

You’ll recall that when we launched into this whole Tag Team Sweater Project, I…

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Knitless days. Knitless nights.

In designing, knitting on February 26, 2014 at 1:05 am

Confession: I haven’t knit in well over 3 weeks.
I hope I didn’t forget how.
But I have been reading and liking your blog posts.
I’ve been knitting vicariously through all of you.
Thank you by the way.
I knit in my sleep.
Every night. I’ve been diligent.
And while there, all my projects are complete and it takes only 5 minutes for that to happen.
I have massive amounts of sweaters and socks.
In real time, I’ve been busy. No lie.
Too busy for “just one row.”
You see the time of this post? I’m up just finishing work.
But since I’m up, I wanted to explain to you why you’ve been getting forwarded posts.
I call ’em that…also known as reblogging.
My life has been hectic.
I’ve been too tired.
I’m not uninspired however, just too tired. Too tired to knit?! Yes. Too tired.
I’ll begin soon hopefully.
I’m itching for my knitting fix but the vision and inspiration never quits.
Things are quietening…At least to a degree.
Enough where knitting can resume.
Soon. Very, very soon.

How to rescue a beanie that’s coming up too big!

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UK Crochet Patterns

From bobwilson123 on YouTube (who has a LOT of useful videos that you should check out!)

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G’day from the Crafty Travelling Box!

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I like this idea. I’m wondering if we can do it too… Jump on this bandwagon.

Introducing the Tag Team Sweater Project

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What a fantastic idea! I need a person I can do this with! What do you think about this?

KT's Slow Closet

Introducing the Tag Team Sweater Project

That night in San Diego, after the trade show, when I was hobnobbing with the yarnerati while wearing my one-armed Acer, there was a moment when Anna Dianich confessed that her problem with sweaters is she hates to knit the sleeves. We all have things we get bogged down in. For me it’s long rows of back-and-forth knitting, as in, for instance, a sweater body! So I yelled across the circle to her that we should knit sweaters together — she could knit the bodies and I’d knit the sleeves and we’d both get our sweaters done a lot more quickly. When she made a joke about it in a comment the other day, I decided it’s more than a funny moment in a bar — it would be really, really fun to actually try it. If we both chose bottom-up sweaters, I could knit four sleeves, she could…

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Technique Thursday – Avoiding ears when casting on and off — Ysolda

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This is the truth!

Emily Explains: How-To Pick Up a Dropped Garter Stitch

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Great tip! Dropped garter stitches are frustrating but this makes it alllllll better!

Design Team Blog

For the past few days, I have been furiously knitting a garter stitch scarf for our upcoming photo shoot (I’d tell you more about it, but then I’d have to kill you). What I can say, is that garter stitch makes a beautiful fabric and is a wonderful stitch to practice when you’re learning to knit. Unfortunately, my harried pace has led to some painful complications…dropped stitches.

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