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What Inspires: Color Apps

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Have you ever wished you could capture the scene in front of you and make it into a color palette?  I know I’ve been amazed by fall foliage or enamored by a bouquet and then, regrettably, forgotten all about it.  Recently, I’ve started using two iPhone/iPad apps to help choose and record colorways.  It’s an awful lot of fun.

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I did Caps for Good one year, but they fell off. This might be a good replacement. Help if you can.

Funky Air Bear

Warm Babies InitiativeHello all,

I am starting a new initiative to help a great program for moms and babies in need.  The program is called BabyGoRound and it provides essentials for moms who can’t afford to buy basics for their babies 0-4 years old.  Visit their website for more information.

My way of contributing to this wonderful cause is of course… knitting.  🙂  I will knit accessories, such as hats, mittens and scarves for newborn babies.  My goal is to knit as many as I can until the end of November and then donate all of them to BabyGoRound.

Here is my plan… If you are interested, there are a few ways to help.

To knit as many baby accessories as possible until the end of November to donate to BabyGoRound for babies in need of winter accessories.
How it works:

  1. A pattern will be sent to all participating knitters

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Photo Challenge Day 25-27

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I made both project bags as prototypes. I was also trying to become one with my sewing machine. I think I did a good job. One is a humbug bag and the other, a drawstring bag. I’m not sure how to freestyle quilt on the sewing machine, perhaps someone has suggestions / tuts?

Day 26: MUG & Day 27:CHAIR


Ok, this mug is not necessarily my favorite but I think it’s cute. I also haven’t found love and don’t think I ever will. I don’t even know the people who got married. I just went with someone. I remember at this wedding I was starved to death. Horror story.. . Let’s just say that the food served all had faces… Literally.

Now, although you can’t see this chair in its entirety, it’s a wing back chair. I searched high and low and even went to the wackest borough in NY (take a wild guess where that is!). But I eventually bought this off Craigslist and I had it reupholstered. The plastic is for the animals. I had to reupholster it twice because the cats were being naughty. This is my knitting chair in the living room (I also have a knitting chair in my bedroom).

Long overdue :
Donated squares by salpal1(coralesque color) row and Cynthia (pink).

Sock update : I didn’t have them made, but I did find my lost socks. The sock monster was me! Lol I found like 9 pairs! Smh.

Change my mind

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While I sat under the dryer, oodling over yarn and patterns, not too long ago, I came across a cowl. It’s simple. It’s elegant .  I guess my subconscious still had me looking for the pattern for the upcoming KAL.  This cowl…it’s what I had envisioned for my Fable Fibers Biography. It’s called Barbara Cowl.  So, while I still love Stagger Cowl, I love Barbara Cowl better, err, more.  I think it will showcase the beauty of the yarn instead of muddling it, like I fear my initial choice would.  I think this fall set I’m going for is attainable in 4 weeks.  What do you think?

I also began preparing for another project which involves bobbles, which I have no idea how to make.  I found that Webs Yarn had the best video and best result. Although this project is a while away, I like to be prepared.

Sweet deal

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As you all know, I am a tester for knit the hell out sweater Dapper Man (now called Bespoken). The sweater is beautiful! I can only hope that I will write such a pattern.

I thought I could use my stash. I was wrong… Twice (before Rhinebeck and after). And the Rhinebeck trip was a bust. But leave it to Webs to save the day! They have Cascade 220 for $3.79 in 1 discontinued color that looks like rust. I can’t wait! So I’ll have a few projects going on in November. Yikes!

I can’t wait to make this! It’ll be way too big for me, but it could be my work sweater. Orrrrrr, I could probably felt this, right? I think I can and it’ll be just the right size. Advice? Comments?

Awww huh…I’m all caked up

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image I’ve gotten myself together for the Fable Fibers November KAL. I caked my yarn without any difficulties and selected my projects. Because we’re making accessories, it made my selection much easier. I decided on: Stagger cowl, Paton’s basic mittens and Snow trails ear warmers. I hope you decide to join. I’ll post each project as its completed.

Reader Recipes

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I’m vegetarian vegan depending in the day:-) (hey, I love cheese and eggs, sorry! I have cut down significantly) I’m not sure I’m doing it right and I stay hungry! Lol I need some variety. Do you guys have any recipes?I tried going back to find all the posts from you guys that I liked in general but today, specifically for lentils (I used to be able to return to posts I like and now I can’t locate anything…) Anyone have a clue what to do? Anyone have recipes to share? (No to soy.) Thanks in advance.

Photo Challenge Days 22-24

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Update: Day 21 was Finished Object. Just a repeat picture of my b r o o k l y n hat.



Chia seeds are my favorite thing to add to soups, oatmeal, porridge, tomato sauce, smoothies and pancake batter, amongst other things.



I love Sharpie! I love Sharpie mini’s! They have beautiful, saturating colors that keep me inspired.



The infamous, buyers remorse yarn, taken to update my Ravelry stash. I like it, but I still don’t know. My perspective will probably change when I swatch it up and start knitting with it.

A little something, something

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Some brief notices:

– As delayed as this is, I want to publicly thank (1) Cynthia for her square for my cousin’s blanket which I received on Saturday and a second one is in the works (picture hopefully tomorrow) and (2) salpal1 for her contributions as well. Three squares is what I received this afternoon (picture hopefully tomorrow. They are all beautiful! Thanks to you both!

– I’ve been running behind on my photo challenges, but I’m shooting for tomorrow to be my catch up day. I have to do Day 22 SPOON, Day 23 INK and tomorrow, Day 24 SHADOW.

– I’m delayed with this testing of Dapper Man. I’m trying to trade for yarn on Ravelry, but no luck. If nothing by Sunday, I may have to cave.

Fable Fibers KAL commences Nov 1, 2013 and concludes Dec 1, 2013.  We’re doing accessories…everyone pick your own and make it.  There are prizes to be won too and coupon codes to buy yarn for the KAL (but you can also use stash). I’m using my first Yarnbox yarn and making a few things hopefully. Although my thumb feels better (somewhat) I’m not pushing myself and I’m not doing anything complicated.

Portuguese knitting… Hmm

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Immediately after the Rhinebeck trip, Cynthia loaned me an instructional video by Andrea Wong at our Sunday meetup. Monday afternoon, I watched it.

My thoughts on this old world, traditional style is that, it’s easy! I learned the basics in about 5 minutes. I will say that the increases and double decreases are tricky, so I am still working on that. This made me love purling though… Seriously. I know that’s unnatural and beyond ability to fathom, but it’s true!

Doing this style of knitting felt natural… Nostalgic even. I felt like I’ve done this before. It was right for me. It was like my ancestors were calling me and holding my hands and guiding me through the process. Portuguese knitting, as far as I can tell, is all pros, no cons. Learning it is well worth the effort.

My tips to successful conversion is:
1. It’s easier to have a center pull ball so the yarn be easily and evenly fed.
2. Practice on a bulky weight yarn, so you can see what you’re doing better and get used to it or tension it on the middle finger.
3. Use the pin. I think it’s easier than over the neck.
4. Start on wooden straight needles about size 10 or 10.5
5. Feed the yarn from the right hand (coming from the ball/cake), clutching the yarn with the pinky finger or over the middle finger.
6. Hold the right hand needle like a table knife.
7. Keep the work at a comfortable distance from your face and try to keep it there.

Resource videos :

Please be sure to visit the page of the woman who keeps this style alive, Andrea Wong.