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Designing without fear

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It’s been a mystery as to what I’m in the process of designing. I will say this … it is multi- textural and has a lot of color work. About the construction, it’s made in the round and will require grafting. This is the part of the design I’m not looking forward to… If anyone knows how to graft two ends of a tube together, please let me know.

Yes, I know you want to know exactly what it is…sooooooon!

So far I’m loving the grey and off-white combo.

I’ve had some setbacks with designing but I’m bouncing back.

Stay tuned!

Today’s post isn’t a pattern: how to price your work

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Yes! This is how to price your work.

UK Crochet Patterns

We saw this on Nadine’s blog and thought we’d re-post as it’s a subject that’s often hard to work out: how to price your work.

Nadine’s post is here.

The calculator is here.

Obviously, you’re going to charge whatever you feel comfortable charging, but if, like us when we started out, you don’t have a clue about what you should charge, this calculator will be a big help. You will doubtless be charging far too little and feeling guilty about even that – we were!

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Follow your arrow KAL

In community challenges, knitting on January 25, 2014 at 2:10 pm


Am I the only one who doesn’t know about it? Damn it!I should have found out BEFORE I declared a yarn diet! Lol

The only reason I found out is because I liked Fable Fibers picture on Instagram. Follow your arrow KAL is a mystery shawl hosted by Ysolda Teague; two different clues are posted a week and there’s a total of 32 shawl possibilities!

Can I admit to you that I have never made a shawl?! The shawls I saw look gawjas dawlins’!lol It’s still early in the game! Who’s going to do this and can I live vicariously through you? (smile)

Thanks a million

In community challenges on January 23, 2014 at 12:58 pm


I got this notification that I have 500 likes! This is because of you all! Thanks so much!

VKL NYC 2014

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Vogue Knitting Live NYC was this past weekend- January 17-19. It was all that I expected… Crowded and intriguing. There was do much creativity in the atmosphere I did not know what to do with myself! Everyone was spending and spending….I humbly watched.

There was yarn galore. Every year I promise myself I will save enough to indulge but I fail. In any event, I only bought a few things. Firstly, I bought buttons and somehow I was trapped in this vintage button booth for a while. The beauty and uniqueness of these necessary pieces consumed me…deeply. Next, I bought 2 natural baby lotion stick thingies for 2 pregnant friends of mine. Lastly, I bought the Bergere De France pattern book I blogged about here. Please don’t judge me…I went tab crazy!lol


I was even able to meet the owner of Loopy Mango. She was so gracious and allowed me to photograph her knitting with the super, super chunky yarns and tag her on Instagram.


The day was also topped by meeting author Susan B. Anderson…She was so pleasant and fun! I actually messaged her on Ravelry regarding a question to one of her patterns early last year. Had I known she was going to be at this event I would have brought it to be autographed.

Another highlight for me was the crocheted giant doilies, positioned as giant webs. I interpreted that the webs catch our creative fears and expose that there are no boundaries on how far we can go if we push ourselves and break free. These pieces really spoke to me…Absolutely stunning! A couple sayings this reminds me of…”Fences are for those who don’t climb over.” and one from my mother, “Good, better, best. Never let it rest. ‘Til your good becomes better and your better becomes your best.”


So with that, I’m again challenging and pushing myself to do a little more crochet and more designing (that is to say,finish the current one, publish and on to the next).
A big hit last year and again this year is amirigumi, both crocheted and knitted.

I feel like you have to see them in person to appreciate it!

What I learned (and keep seeming to forget) this year, after being surrounded with beautiful things I want, again, is that my mainly yarn (sometimes button) habit should only be supported at major events; mainly VKL NYC, Rhinebeck, Stitches East, and Black Friday sale at Eat, Sleep, Knit.

So, from hence forth, no more yarn shopping. Seriously. I’m dieting until May 2014. Who’s in?

Maybe it’s me

In designing, stash busting on January 22, 2014 at 11:34 pm

I took a snow day, but it should have been a sick day. I’ve been sneezing all day, with bouts of hot flashes and pounding headaches. I tried to knit but that was a futile attempt. My mind could not focus on anything and mistakes riddled the tea cozy and my design. TINK TINK TINK. It was quitting time as soon as I started… Nothing seemed to make sense. Is that I’m dense and not getting it? Or is it that I’m sick? I think the former. Tomorrow is a new day and will be better.

Stay tuned.

Better late than never

In community challenges, knitting, stash busting on January 21, 2014 at 8:47 pm

I’ve started the Tuesday KAL/CAL Tea Cozy finally… I’ve been delayed in finding an appropriate stash yarn for the project. I looked before this KAL and I swear I couldn’t find anything. Then, Stitches n’ Scraps, made a post this morning and I felt terrible I hadn’t yet started. So I searched again…this time, I dove head first and I came up with Red Heart Eco Way in a dark green color. I think it’s a bit dark for the cables to pop and a little heavier (it’s aran weight) but it will do.

Stitches 'n' Scraps - Tea Cozy Tuesday

Emily Explains: How-To Cast on More Stitches in Your Knitting

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Helpful. I usually do the thumb cast on and don’t particularly care for it.

Design Team Blog

The other day, Ashley started knitting her very own Barrison Bear for our new knit-along. After knitting the legs the separately, the pattern tells you to join the two pieces, casting on one stitch in the middle.

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Another knitting behind bars SUCCESSFUL program. #transformation

Every Knitter Nerd Needs This

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Yes please:-D

My Tangled Yarn Knitting Adventures

I saw this t-shirt featured on another blog….forgive me, I can’t remember or I would have totally tagged it….and I just wanted to say, I NEED THIS TSHIRT!!

Knittaz 4 Life - BustedTees - Image 1

Knittaz 4 Life from Busted Tees (Photo credit to Busted Tees website)

You think if I send a link to my hubby he would get the hint? lol

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