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Inspired… Square 4 beginnings

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I reblogged a fabulous square with the words/phrase “ain’t nobody got time for that. ” If you don’t know about it, catch it on YouTube. Hysterical! Let me tell you!
As you can see, I made my graph, now it’s time to plan. I shall update you all!

Keeping You In Stitches Saturday

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Um..I found square number 4! I love it!

What I found in the 99 cents store

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So at lunch yesterday, I went to a 99 cent store near my job. I was with coworkers and as we’re chit chatting in line and quiet suddenly I felt different…. My ears deafened any sound and my eyes shifted and I literally squealed with joy as I snatched up Interweave Knits Fall 2013. I think I had even pushed my coworker out of the way so I could grab it! Lol (I’m so serious!)


Unfortunately it was not 99 cents. It was regular price. Wonk wonk. It was still a good buy as it features a lot of cute designs.

It will never cease to amaze me of what one can find in the 99 cent store! You must be wondering, “What kinda bourgeois 99 cent store, she goes to?!” This was in the hood!

Another time I even found a container with a hole in the top to keep my yarn clean and tidy while knitting.

Have you ever lucked out like this before? Please share.

August Yarnbox

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Unfortunately, this will be last posting (for a while) about Yarnbox, as this is the last one in my birthday subscription. Unlike July’s box, I really did love this yarn and I’m glad it was a chunky weight.

I love working with chunky weight for obvious reasons… It knits up faster and produces a warmer fabric. This yarn was like a mint green and turquoise “thread” entwined in a grayish off-white background. It is really a gorgeous yarn.



I just want to be clear that I’m only saying it will be a while before another yarn subscription period and not specifically Yarnbox. I have a sizeable stash that I need to tackle as it is.

Overall, I must say that I was happy with Yarnbox… They did it for me 2 out of 3 times. In my book that ain’t too bad! I must say that I did love having the yarn subscription because it did expose me to yarn companies I had never heard of and I appreciated that and most of all, it was not a bill! Lol

I’d like to apologize for the delay in posting this. The Yarnbox was received last week Friday 8/23 and that was when the film was done as well. Enjoy.

Greetings from Singapore

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After a long day at work with continued stress and aggravation on almost aspects of my life, I came home to a treat. This certainly lightened my mood, even if only temporarily. A smile came to my face when I examined my mail. I think it came right when it was meant to.

I entered a contest hosted by Wisher celebrating Singapore’s independence which coincidentally is right after my home country of Jamaica. I wished Singapore well wishes and I was entered in the contest.

Shortly afterwards, I received notice that I was one of 2 (I think it was just 2 prize packages) winners. Both prizes consisted of I think a yard of fabric, tea/soup and small souvenirs from Singapore.

Without further delay, let me show you what I received.



I love it all! Thanks again to Angela! I really appreciate it. The only bad thing is, I had an accident opening the package (I was so excited) that my magnet fell and the actual magnetic piece popped out and wouldn’t go back in. I’ll fix it though. My favorite thing is the fabric! I absolutely love the print!


Third square… 2nd time around

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As you know, I redid the 3rd square due to some sizing issues. I finished this on Saturday 8.24.13. And I couldn’t be happier with the results!

In hindsight, I’m actually glad that I had to redo the piece as I had an opportunity to learn this stitch pattern. It also taught me patience and to have more pride in my work.

This time around, the stitch pattern did not require so much focus and I was able to memorize it and even watch Bollywood movies!

This was a fantastic pattern and showed me how, just even small changes in how we knit can produce a beautiful pattern that looks complex but isn’t.

Great pattern! On to number 4… I may go back to basics with some knit and purl based stitch patterns.

Can Crochet be fashionable? Discuss!

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Couture crochet!

UK Crochet Patterns

We have a SUPER interesting guest post for you this month! How many times have you experienced people turning their noses up at crochet because it’s “old-fashioned”? How often do people describe crochet as what grannies do? I personally have never made anything remotely grannified in my entire crocheting life! Omitting crochet from the fashion sphere means missing out on an entire area of creativity.

Meet Sarah from We spend a lot of time at her blog. She’s kinda gorgeous and creatively very clever, but not only that she is a fashion guru who loves crochet, and she’s got a word or two to say about it! We want to say a BIG THANK YOU for her work on this guest post and we encourage you to take at look at her blog – you won’t have seen anything like it! We guarantee you’ll be inspired and feel…

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Crafty Business Start-Ups Tips

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Much needed tips!

Psychic prediction about package

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After a Facebook message from the donor of one the squares, Stitches n’ Scraps, this morning inquiring if the package was received…Here it is! It was received this evening. It’s like she was psychic or something! Lol


This is an exquisite double knitted square. Meaning, both sides of the square have the same design, but the colors are inverted. It feels lovely indeed… Very cushy. I love the bright jewel tone of it! This takes some serious skill! I’m definitely not on this level of knitting! It’s amazing!

Thank you so much! I know that the card is for my cousin so I left it alone. I’ll give her all the cards with the blanket.

Dyeing for Yarn

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I decided last minute to take a dyeing class at my LYS, La Casita. My heart was in my throat as I drove through the expansive abyss called Manhattan. I ran into severe traffic on the FDR so I had to go local until 72nd St. and it was smooth sailing there after. The class was maybe about half a dozen people so it was intimate. Each participant was given 1 fingering and 1 worsted weight skein and if you wanted more, you paid extra. We all had our turn at choosing the colors…mine was hot pink. But we had a great selection of colors: bright yellow, chartreuse, emerald green, red, grey, turquoise, lavender, purple, orange, navy blue, and a couple other colors I forgot. We used syringes to saturate our yarn and you had to remember to get the backside..I didn’t want any white spots on mine, nor did I want pooling so I felt like it took forever. Who knew yarn dyeing was such a time consuming and labor intensive hobby? My fingering weight I went Picasso on it and the worsted I went for a solid with splotches of purple kettle dyed look. After dyeing, our skeins were neatly wrapped in saran wrap then popped in the microwave. They were later treated minus our presence and lay to dry.

Three days later, back in Brooklyn. I was traveling to Brooklyn anyway and I went to pick up my beautifully dried hanks. I made it to the shop just in time and while I was there I got a chocolate cake. I was having a kinda cruddy day and I needed that cake. I hung out only like 20 minutes and the shop was closed..Didn’t even knit one solitary row.