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Blocking- a little sweater | Yarn Harlot

In designing, knitting on March 31, 2014 at 9:21 am

Dope tutorial on blocking here. Thank you Yarn Harlot via Ysolda’s blog.

Show time!

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I’ve gotten some great responses from you all for the Makers, Unite post.


I am pleased to announce that a RAVELRY GROUP has been formed for this initiative. The initiative is called, Making for Makers. If you are interested in participating, please check out the group and sign up!

Thanks a million for making it happen!


Makers, unite

In community challenges, crochet, knitting on March 13, 2014 at 10:18 pm

My last post brought up some interesting comments and stirred up some thoughts.

As makers we often create for others and seldom for ourselves. But often times the people we make for are under the impression that we’re always making for our individual ourselves.The problem is we don’t… At least not enough of us do.

But what’s troubling too is that while we’re quick to make non-creators things as birthday gifts or just because gifts, we never think of making gifts for our maker friends. Yes, a skein of luxury yarn is nice. Yes, that fancy and too cute project bag is nice. (And I do know that we would still take those happily because you can never have enough! Lol) But I think that this logic is so sad. I guess we feel like we can make it for our individual selves and we’ll get to it… Eventually. Which really means never. Why do we have to wait until eventually?

I would like to encourage a maker exchange program here…online via my blog as a forum or Ravelry. Making a gift for someone in secret and presenting it at the end of the year. Like a secret Santa type of thing. The details of the swappage we can work out later. The guidelines we’ll do later.

How many of you are in? Thoughts?


In community challenges, knitting on March 12, 2014 at 10:57 pm


Have you ever felt relieved that you never knit for someone?

For me to knit anything for anyone is a process. I gotta feel you out first; I have to be really moved in my spirit. I actually get this feeling a lot for different things…I don’t always listen, though, but I should because it is always 100% right…without fail. Note to self: Hence forth, listen. Seriously.

I read before somewhere that “you should stop crossing oceans for people who won’t jump a puddle for you.” That’s the truth ain’t it?! “Yes the hell it is!” is the answer that should be coming out your mouth right now!

To me, knitting for someone is like giving them your kidney. It’s that serious. Yes it is. Imma tell you why… Knitting is an act of embedding your very energy of that exact moment into that piece with every movement of the needle. You’re embedding your good vibes and feelings into the item. With each knitted stitch,you’re knitting a smile into the work; you’re knitting warmth and care. Making hand knitted items tell that person they’re special, but if you have that thing that every knitter feels, that internal radar that makes you cringe… that makes you say, “No sweater for you!” Knitted items are a reward for good behavior…for someone consistent, not a sometimish person. Pulease!

If I had knit this time around, I wouldn’t have felt good. It would have felt so false, that it would have sickened my stomach. That’s some bad juju that was just creeping its way into my life that just plain don’t need to be there! I would have had so much resent and contempt if I did any knitting; investing time and energy in exchange for such ingratitude, arrogance, false sense of entitlement, selfishness, narcissism, disrespect and control…The list can go on.

I thought about it though. Knitting. I did think about it. And I almost did it too. Almost. But almost doesn’t count.

I’m sure all this sounds terribly selfish, but I suppose at this moment the feeling of selfishness is inconsequential. Maybe I wasn’t being selfish enough. That’s the problem. My heartstrings were tugging on this and I’m glad I did not do any knitting.

Au revoir petit garçon. Temps de grandir. Bonne chance.

Anyway. Hmph.
I bounce back. I always do. Believe that.

My life goes on and something big is about to happen!
It’s going down! Deadline June 1, 2014. That’s all I’m saying and I hope I make it!

And after that, there will still be bigger things beyond my wildest dreams; and then and only then,will I knit.

Who do you knit for, if anyone? Why or why not?

Penguins, Sweaters & Crochet Oh My…

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I agree with him. Logical and rational.

Knot Just Yarn Blog

Michael Sellick Michael Sellick, Creative Director and Video Host for The Crochet Crowd

I’ve received a tremendous influx of emails as well as several postings on Facebook to have The Crochet Crowd join in the cause for crocheting penguins sweaters.

With joining any campaign, as just jumping on the band wagon just because everyone else is doing it… isn’t a responsible thing for me to do. I have to research and really see what the demands are. First of all, I was like yeah let’s jump on board and help… but I kept running into conflicting reports that is making me second guess what is happening.

In recent reports I had read. A campaign for this was done in 2011 where they were swamped with sweaters for the penguins. It is fabulous that humane kindness is being expressed here. The organization has admitted they get roughly 20 birds a year to rescue…

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Beyond Instagram: Photo Editing and Typography Apps

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Definitely downloading these apps.

The Daily Post

Last year, we shared some of our favorite photo apps and alternatives to Instagram. We’ve since discovered more photo apps, some free and some a few bucks each, as well as options focusing on specific effects (such as adding text and enhancing images with typography). Here are some options worth checking out.

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Finishing up

In knitting, portfolio, stash busting on March 2, 2014 at 9:38 am

Yesterday, for the first time in many weeks, I picked my needles up. I accomplished nothing major, but it felt good. I felt happy. I felt safe. I worked on my Fall project’s hem. Hem? Yes, I had to create a hem because it curled like crazy.  I had some advice on how to accomplish this and I purled 1 row on the RS and began stockinette stitch, beginning with a purl row on the WS. I continued in this way just about 1 inch and then binded off.

Did I ever mention that the whole sweater is already seamed together? I cannot wait to wear it! Anyway, I am going to buy some ribbon for reinforcement and aesthetic on the edges and major seams of the sweater; most likely the fronts, the shoulders, neck/collar and the pick up row for the skirt.

I have a few short weeks before a friends baby shower and I never started the gift I intended, so I’m going to go with a toy by Susan Anderson instead from her book Topsy-Turvy Inside-Out Knit Toys. I’m pausing on my sweater and work on the toy.

Vogue Knitting Alive and Well in more ways than one!

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My friend Holly is featured in Vogues latest issue. Let’s celebrate with her! Congratulations!



Vogue Knitting has been alive and well in my life for over 30 years.  But, NEVER in this way!   I haven’t even looked at the sure-to-be-can’t-wait-to-knit  projects that await my future because I am bursting from the seams (LITERALLY) and have waited since this summer when that unbelievable email I received from Vogue Knitting came a-calling ME for an interview.  Finally, in this glorious issue (of which I am off to purchase many copies), is the result of that interview.  A 2 page spread!  My hubby and I do believe Christina Behnke, Associate Editor of VK grabbed the essence of who I am as a passionate knitter and as the table of contents says, “Vogue Knitting Fan extraordinaire!  The article looks like the  image below, can be found on page 20 and 21 and/or can be read in PDF format right here, Online Identity.


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