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1. How much time do you spend knitting? Recently it hasn’t been that often and rather sporadic. It may be once a week,if that. Sometimes it’s a bit more. The point being that it’s much too infrequent than I would like. Ideally, it would be 3 consecutive hours daily.

2. What is your favorite yarn and why?This is a toughie. Late last year and this year so far, I’ve come across and knitted with, a couple yarns I’ve now called my favorites. These are : Rowan Lima, Woolfolk Far, Dream In Color Groovy, Lorna’s Laces Shepherd Worsted…I also like Cascade. This question trips me up because the more I think about it, the more yarn I want to add here!lol

3. What size of needles do you most often knit with?Between 8’s and 10’s. I like working with bulky yarns a lot. I would say super bulky for how quickly it works up, but those large needles are cumbersome and clumsy to work with.

4. How big is your stash right now? NEXT QUESTION PLEASE! Lmao It is alot, however, it has decreased significantly. The newer purchases I’ve used up within like 6 months…it’s some of the old, Michaels, Smiley’s and JoAnnes purchases I haven’t really touched. I’ve matched up most of the stash to projects in my Ravelry queue or library which is helpful.

5. What is your favorite yarn brand and why? Hmmm. Another toughie. I feel like this is similar to Q.2 I guess it’s a toss up between Rowan and Cascade.

6. What do you prefer: circular needles or straight ones? I love circulars especially for the fact that they are not only flexible literally but figuratively because I can use them as I would any straights. It’s like buying a 2 for 1.

7. Have you ever design your own knitting patterns? Yes I have: Cabulous cap and Hira. I have other ideas in mind that I’m working on…there’s been a lot of inspiration!

8. What yarn-related skill would you like to learn? (crochet, weaving, spinning). Spinning. I bought a Turkish spindle last October at Rhinebeck Wool and Sheep Festival. I would also like to relearn to crochet.

9. Which is worse: a thread of yarn that splits or realizing that you made a mistake after 20 rows? A mistake after 20 rows, specifically in a lace piece or colorwork…basically anything intricate would make this the worse thing ever in knitting life.  I feel like if the mistake is on stockinette for instance, that would be easier to correct. Splitting yarn is just annoying.

10. Which yarn are you knitting with now? Lorna’s Lace Shepherd Worsted for my second Sand Bank (which I just recently finished) I adored this yarn.  I think for my birthday I’ll order sweater quantity…that’s how much I loved it!

11. Which brand of yarn would you like to test? Anything really…I’ve already tested Shibui, Cascade and Zealana. I’m open, but maybe Plucky.

12. What is your feeling about knitting? Knitting is life. It calms my nerves and focuses my mind. It’s a stress reliever and a means by which to express myself. It’s better and cheaper than therapy. It brings out the goodness and loveliness in me.

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Hot Tip: Mark your armhole depth

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Interesting tip…

KT's Slow Closet

Hot Tip: Mark your armhole depthIf you’re ever knitting a sweater from the bottom up, there comes a point where you work the armhole shaping and then are told to continue knitting until the armhole measures X inches deep — and I think it’s a measurement a lot of people have trouble with. In the event you’re working the body in one piece and then dividing into front(s) and back at the armholes, you’ll be told to put some part of it (most likely the fronts) on waste yarn while you work the other bits. When you put those held stitches back onto the needles, if you leave the waste yarn in place, you have a clear point from which to measure. But without that, it can be tricky to tell exactly where you’re measuring to, as you attempt to measure straight downward from the top of your knitting to the exact row where the…

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In the winners circle

In knitting on March 9, 2015 at 10:06 pm

After several failed attempts, I won. I’d like to complain about the amount of won but I won’t, because I won. I’ve dreamed about this day and it came.  I am so grateful for this win.

My winning yarn lottery ticket came in the mail with my order for Malabrigo Rios. I just had a feeling that today would be the day. I’m ecstatic about the turn of luck. Hurray for me!

I. WON. I can’t believe it! It feels good to be in the winners circle.


Making for Makers – Part Deux

In community challenges, knitting, stash busting on March 5, 2015 at 11:53 pm

Making for Makers Cycle 2 is now accepting registrants. 

The idea for this initiative was realized in this blog post. 

 **2nd cycle deadline to submit email address to organizer [me: RavID-pinkcashmere1980) is: JUNE 14, 2015 **

 **Gifts are to be completed by: DECEMBER 16, 2015 **

****You must private message the organizer with your email address and your location to be entered into the cycle. Once your email is received, you will be sent a link to the random name generator program. At that time, you will input your entry form in that system.****