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In crochet, finished projects, knitting, stash busting on December 29, 2013 at 2:59 pm


This is a close up of Northmoor Watchcap that I gave to a friend of mine for Christmas, today. I think the label made it even more special.

I would have posted this sooner, but unfortunately, I did not know about this sooner. After several hours on Pinterest (you all know how addictive it is so no judgment please lol), I found these gift/care labels.

I printed the labels on a heavier than standard weight printer paper… I think that will be your best bet. When I found this, it sparked an idea to use the labels for charity projects and such for 2014. And I thought to even have them professionally printed in longer lengths for sweaters and such would be fantastic. I like things to be uniform and this would satisfy that look. What do you think?

Please enjoy this simple gift for your handmade gift items. This is just a simple thanks for following me thus far and for all the comments. It came late, but I don’t think it’s ever too late to receive gifts!

  1. Thanks M! I love these. I have labels that say especially made for you by Denene etc., that I put inside the project. These labels are are great addition, because it tells them how to care for said object and it just seems to emphasize the fact that these objects take time and effort and we do this out of love for them. (Still slightly salty) 😉

    • No problem! Nice re:your own labels! There’s another post on Pinterest to make your own sew in labels with printer and ribbon. I must say, I have never put labels in my pieces….something to think about though.

  2. Remind me to give you the information for ordering them. They are not expensive at all. I also think they are a deterrent for people who like to re-gift. I stick them in with fabriglue.

  3. […] hours of the new year, I got Ravmail from the designer of Northmoor Watchcap. I just wrote about it here and now my photograph is being featured! All the more incentive to take great pictures! I’m […]

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