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My Knitting Bucket List

In knitting on June 27, 2013 at 7:55 pm

Generally speaking,  bucket lists are created by those who are dying or just feel like YOLO.  Or even those who just want to accomplish something with their lives overall or want  to experience a thrill of sorts to make them feel alive. I am creating a bucket list to  feel productive and just have a gauge of how I’m doing with learning technique, that is, growing as a knitter. Time frames are usually set up on these bucket lists so I guess I’ll give myself about a year and a half then reevaluate. I have annual knitting resolutions too….is that the same as a bucket list? Nope. The difference, one is long term goals and the other is short term goals to help achieve the long term goals.  I’m a list maker…I have lists for everything!

With that said, here’s my knitting bucket list…
1. Do a steek
2. Make more sweaters
3. Make more socks
4. Dye my own yarn
5. Design patterns and get published
6. Make something lace
7. Learn to utilize beads in crochet and knitting
8. Crochet a functional swimsuit
9. Travel to different countries for fiber tours ie. Peru, Ecuador etc
10. Knit through Ravelry queued projects.

Since I mentioned it, you are probably curious!I should probably post my 2013 Knitting Resolutions right? Ok, so here it is:

2013 Knitterlutions
1. Knit what I absolutely love
2. Knit 4 queued projects on Ravelry
3. Schedule and organize knitting time realistically in order to create realistic deadlines to avoid anxiety and feeling overwhelmed
4. Knit one project at a time.
5. Finish UFO’s specifically, Lara Zukaite clutch.
6. Take a finishing class and/or buy a book.
7. Use and/or donate stash. Use concept of yarn mixology to conquer stash. [When I say I have stash..I HAVE STASH!lol]
8. Begin knit drafting sweater/ jacket design.
9. Pay It Forward (anonymously if possible) handmade once every 1-3 months.
10. Challenge myself with various techniques in projects; dabble in making modifications to patterns.
11. Avoid buying yarn for the moment … until a complete container is empty.
12. Knit through a book or magazine.

What’s on your knitting/crocheting bucket list and your knitterlutions?? How are you doing with yours?

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