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25 (+1) Fiberlicious Things About Me

In knitting on June 24, 2013 at 4:00 am

I’d love to get to know my readers (if you all promote me and I get 30 followers by the end of July, I will do a giveaway) and them to know me a bit as well, so I decided to post this activity and I’m hoping for some response from you all.

1. I learned to knit to make sweaters.  The funniest thing is I’ve only made 2 sweaters; the first being my first project and the second for my aunt.
2. I rarely use specified yarn for any given project.  I’m trying to get that stash down and work with what I got!
3. My favorite yarn shops are La Casita and Knitty City.
4. My favorite designer is Norah Gaughan.
5. I regret buying Michael’s/A.C.Moore yarn, but I use them to practice a technique or use them up for charity projects.
6. I go to Rhinebeck…for the sheep (and other wool/fiber producing animals), not the yarn.
7. I’m working on designing my own knitwear.
8. I teach knitting and have a knitting group at work.
9. Whenever I travel, I usually make sure I research nearby locations of yarn shops.
10. I have an interest in dyeing yarn, preferably with natural dyes, but I’m not opposed to other options.
11.I’ve been to VKL every year since in began in 2012.
12. I knit in public all the time…I don’t even need a reason!
13. My favorite online shops are Webs, Knitting Warehouse, Jimmy Beanswool, and Eat, Sleep, Knit
14. Just looking at yarn lifts my spirits.
15. I absolutely loathe working with black yarn. I can’t see a thing! It’s like it cripples me or something!
16. I prefer knitting over crochet, although both produce fabulous fabrics.  I will say this though, that when I do crochet, I find that I go faster than I used to.
17. I don’t know how and always get confused when trying to count garter stitch.  I avoid this like the plague  too.
18.  I’m pretty good at identifying yarn that someone is working with (and it has no label).  It does not work on command though, it just comes to me and I share!
19. My favorite fiber is cotton.
20. I think I have, in the past year or so developed a case of yarn snobbery.  I don’t think it’s severe, but it’s definitely there.
21. My favorite yarn brands are Malabrigo, Madelentosh and Patons.
22. When I make socks, I make ’em two at a time, I have a bad case of second sock syndrome. I can’t shake that!
23. When I’m shopping (like Target, Marshalls or Ikea etc) I always looking how things can be used for knitting storage of notions, yarn etc.
24. I sometimes fall asleep knitting.
25. I love the beauty and delicacy of lace, but I hate knitting it.
26. I used to dread patterns with charts, but now I’ve made peace with them. I learned to read charts at Stitches East 2011.

  1. I love this list!
    I definitely do number 9 too, I even get disappointed when a trip doesn’t have a yarn shop nearby. I agree with 14 too, there is nothing better than stroking soft wool to cheer you up – expect perhaps a fluffy dog. I think i might suffer yarn snobbery too, i have a heap of acrylic stuff i never seem to use. However I only like cotton if its soft as I knitted a jumper in recycled cotton that was like knitting with string.
    I have to admit I’ve also fallen asleep knitting 😉

    • I see we have a few things in common! I’ll give ya another nugget…I don’t like to knit blankets and scarves! They take an eternity to make… Plus you can’t wear it! I want a wardrobe! Lol

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