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4.5 days of knitting

In knitting on November 5, 2014 at 10:20 pm

Picture courtesy of my email

Is 4 1/2 days truly all it takes to knit this sweater? I can do that!

I’m so torn! I need a sweater (more than one actually), I need to knit againĀ (I started a hat and it’s almost done), but do I need the $195 cost? Really?

I have a 10% discount code good until 11/10/2014, which is what, like $20 off, so $175 cost? (If my math is bad don’t judge me, not my strong point.)

Then of course the next issue is the color I want! (sigh)

Somebody save me!

I’ve literally been dreaming of Wool and the Gang and the fancy kits making life so simple!

Wool and the Gang seems so cool and the short knit is so appealing to me!

I want a sweater knit kit! Waaaaaaa (my I love Lucy cry) lol

If I get this, it literally would be the only gift I would give myself for Christmas… (but wait, there’s the Black Friday sale at Eat, Sleep, Knit)

Has anyone knit this before or similar sweater kit from Wool and the Gang?

Should I just find a similar pattern on Ravelry and buy yarn from LYS?

Talk to me.