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Yarn storage and niddy noddy

In knitting, stash busting on May 11, 2014 at 12:03 am

I’ve decided that my yarn storage (take notice, not the amount of yarn I have) is too much. I don’t like the tupperwares that I have. It’s much too much. I initially thought of buying the vacuum shrink storage bags which I could place under my couch and that would be the end. But then, I wasn’t really feeling that because I can’t find any cute storage bins for underbed/couch.

It dawned on me to use a niddy noddy to reduce the bulk yarn tends to produce when stored. My thought process was to skein up all my stash, dividing them in large ziploc bags by weight and or projects. Perhaps I can then use the vacuum shrink storage bags or maybe it will be small enough to fit in 1 underbed storage container (if I can find a cute one) or put it in my armoire(which I need to store my clothes in, not yarn). But I actually can shrink store the yarn in the large ziplocs and suck out the excess air with a straw. I think that works! It will be a lot of work though, but I feel like skeins are easier to store than cakes or even prewound store bought skeins (you know, the ones with the mammoth insides to get a center pull).

Do you know what a niddy noddy is? It’s a tool used to wind yarns into skeins. It can be used in the dyeing process and also in upcycling old sweaters for yarn.
Niddy Noddy how to make and use videos:

I’m not the best at math but I found this to be a better explanation of how to calculate yardage. Still slightly confused, but I can definitely work something out!

So, later I’ll be off to the hardware store for some PVC and crank these baby’s out. I’m trying to get a cleaner look in my place and think this will help in sorting what I can donate as well.

Any suggestions and comments regarding the yarn storage idea I have would be invaluable. Summarizing my goal: one container/location for my yarn, not several bins.

Portuguese knitting… Hmm

In knitting on October 22, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Immediately after the Rhinebeck trip, Cynthia loaned me an instructional video by Andrea Wong at our Sunday meetup. Monday afternoon, I watched it.

My thoughts on this old world, traditional style is that, it’s easy! I learned the basics in about 5 minutes. I will say that the increases and double decreases are tricky, so I am still working on that. This made me love purling though… Seriously. I know that’s unnatural and beyond ability to fathom, but it’s true!

Doing this style of knitting felt natural… Nostalgic even. I felt like I’ve done this before. It was right for me. It was like my ancestors were calling me and holding my hands and guiding me through the process. Portuguese knitting, as far as I can tell, is all pros, no cons. Learning it is well worth the effort.

My tips to successful conversion is:
1. It’s easier to have a center pull ball so the yarn be easily and evenly fed.
2. Practice on a bulky weight yarn, so you can see what you’re doing better and get used to it or tension it on the middle finger.
3. Use the pin. I think it’s easier than over the neck.
4. Start on wooden straight needles about size 10 or 10.5
5. Feed the yarn from the right hand (coming from the ball/cake), clutching the yarn with the pinky finger or over the middle finger.
6. Hold the right hand needle like a table knife.
7. Keep the work at a comfortable distance from your face and try to keep it there.

Resource videos :

Please be sure to visit the page of the woman who keeps this style alive, Andrea Wong.