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Rhinebeck Ready

In knitting on October 21, 2013 at 4:27 pm

The time is now. The place is Rhinebeck! Onward we go! This is a “re-enactment” of day there.; a detailed recap. Unfortunately, it’s not as picture laden as I would like due to my circumstance, but next year I’ll be on top of it.

Myself and meetup group buddy Denene made our way to the outskirts.. the outbacks of NYC to frolic with the wool and sheep.

Our arrival was at probably 9 am and we were promptly greeted by someone scalping the ticket of a companion who could not make it. I promptly complied and saved $2 on the entrance fee. (smile) Though the entrance line was long, it moved. My injured finger, wrapped up in bandages was no doubt a conversation starter. Someone suggested that I learn Portuguese style of knitting since it wouldn’t involve really manipulating my right thumb. And what didn’t occur to me while I was there was to look for the Portuguese style knitting tools and the nosteponnie I wanted. DUH!

We started from the entrance and made our way into each stall.Row by row. Every year it never fails to amaze me of the overwhelming amounts of yarn that flood this event! Yarn at every turn! It was hard to know where to start! Buttons and notions were also on hand. The selection was ridiculous. Although I did not buy any, I found Melissa Jean Designs to have pretty and unique buttons and closure clasps and at a reasonable price. image Then we had the lighter side of knitting with crazy cute and funny pin buttons and stickers. I now regret not buying a couple of each. Denene got a sticker right away. There’s always next year for me.

In that same aisle or closeby Melissa Jean, there was O-Wool. As we walked passed, a scarf/shawl on display caught my eye. This scarf “spoke” to me and I bought the pattern for it immediately! It’s called Aerthercopter. It is stunning! “I’ll return later for yarn for this project,” I told myself and Denene.

Of course, the stars of this event were there. We saw them being sheered and preparing for showing. We heard them being bidded on…they couldn’t push pass $300 for one though. We walked through one of the livestock stalls and I returned to an owner I met last year, for David and Merlin. They are such beautiful animals! So peaceful.

After all this, we made out way down for the second round…purchasing products. We met up with another meetup buddy, Cynthia, who was great company. We met at Briar Rose yarn stall. I almost bought Briar Rose yarn; I debated for a long time and I think I even went back like 2 times. I consulted with Denene and Cynthia on this matter. Then we broke for lunch.

Everyone must have had the same idea, because by 12pm, the food spots had long, scary lines. I was standing in line for Aba Falafel for almost 10 minutes but I have to say, it was well worth it. That was my first ever falafel. It didn’t take away that I’d packed my own snacks and had them.

We all lazed around for a few minutes, strolling to Building A then B for the book signings. I went for Ann Budd, Amy Herzog and Clara Parkes. When we arrived only Ann Budd was at her assigned place and Amy was in the back giving a brief lecture about custom fit sweaters and shapes. I brought a couple books with me to be signed (I’m not sure if I was supposed to or not) and I only bought Clara Parkes’ book, The Yarn Whisperer. Ann Budd signed my copy of The Knitter’s Handy Book of Top-Down Sweaters. I saw a sign at Clara’s seat noted that she’d be back by 3pm (or so I thought). Amy mentioned that she’d be doing a measurement event on the hill closest to the building at 3pm. We all enjoyed the different buildings and the contents and returned for Clara, all to see that her note said she’d be back at 3:30pm.

Cynthia was tired so Denene and I left to get her buttons and me some yarn for the Dapper Man sweater I’m testing (or so I thought). I was so sure that I needed 1570-1600 yards for the sweater so that’s waht I was looking at in terms of finding good deals. After Denene got her buttons (she’s a quick shopper, I must say..I’m realllllllly indecisive) we returned to O-Wool. The problem is that I hadn’t yet found yarn for the sweater and in my defense I was focused on that. So we get there, I was there 2 minutes and walked off. Now, like right now, I’m currently kicking myself, because the skeins were reasonably priced at like $7 for the Balance (and the other ones were in that kind of price range) because I should have bought at least 3 skeins to make a hat for someone’s Christmas gift(one of only 3 or 4 people getting a gift from me.)

After leaving O-Wool, we made our way back to Briar Rose and while walking there, I was telling Denene that the first time I came and also last year, there was a lady there who had something like the Addi Turbo knitting machine making socks. No sooner than I said that, I swear, that same lady appeared, her name? Amy. The company? Good Karma Farm and it really was good karma. We were only a few feet away from Briar Rose, but for me, Good Karma Farm had better details. She told me that they didn’t bring the machine this year because there is too much going on at this event. At Good Karma Farm, I immediately spotted the perfect pink for the sweater, but I felt it needed some depth and looked at the variegated and it was beautiful! But I saw other colors that I liked and I second (and triple) guessed myself. Amy’s husband, Jim, showed us both wrist warmers and a scarf knitted up and it was great because there was that extra umph without pooling or flashing. I settled on the pink variagated and I was assured that they were all in the same dyelot. Fast forward to when I get home, I looked at the pattern and I needed almost 1000 yards more that what I bought! lol.sigh.cry.

Denene and I rushed back to where Cynthia was but detoured to the hill to be measured by Amy and her gang of wise women. Measurements were all taken and afterwards, explanation of how an amazing custom fit sweater program was provided. It was really facinated and at that time, I specifically asked about the 40″ sweater I’m test knitting. I was originally going to give it to someone but I changed my mind. I wanted to know if it would be too oversized for me, even though oversized sweaters are in style now. The answer was sadly,yes. But no matter, this program is so frickin’ amazing….you plug your measurements in and pay $10 for a finished personalized pattern…you get to choose the fit (relaxed, average, etc) and print! Easy as pie! I.LOVE.IT!


Denene and I left the hill and returned to Building B, I met Clara Parkes and she signed my book. She was so gracious and it was real pleasure to meet her. I met back up with Denene and Cynthia in the connecting building. Cynthia mentioned that she wanted to get a drop spindle. We stopped and looked, but we all had no idea how to use it. While we looked at it in bewilderment, thankfully, 2 ladies (young women like in their 30’s) began dropping it like it was hot! We were so impressed. They even explained how to make heavier weight yarn by plying them together and why the spindle sizes varied. It was a great mini tut. We walked like two steps down, and we saw a more efficient drop spindle….Turkish spindle. You drop it and then you make a center pull ball at the same time, so when you’re done, you’re done. An older lady was sitting on a stool demonstrating and that’s when I knew I had to get one… just not today! Definitely, next year. I’m making my list.


The day sadly and quickly came to an end. The suns rays kissed us goodbye. But we officially ended the day with apple pie and ice cream. Denene and I walked Cynthia to partially to her bus and went the opposite direction.

If you didn’t make it this year, please, shoot for next year! I know someone will ask.. I did see socks but I just got caught up, so, no socks. I hope you like this post and it wasn’t too overwhelmingly long. Took 3 days to write!


This post also serves as photo challenge Day 18 NEW. Look at alllllll the new stuff I got!

Roll call for Rhinebeck

In crochet, knitting on September 18, 2013 at 1:00 am

Who’s going to Rhinebeck Sheep and Wool Festival this year?
It’s October 19-20, 2013.
Be there or be square!