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My Habu Textiles experience

In events, knitting on June 8, 2014 at 10:12 pm

In May 2014, I visited Habu Textiles…when they had the sale.  I was considering coming here to rant, but there were some good things that overshadowed perceived deficits. I was in the area to get a haircut and decided to stop inside before I did so. I was very curious about the sale. I wasn’t really curious to know where they were relocating to per se, but several people asked and they have no location as of this moment.


Habu is a smallish room in a building, not quite what I envisioned. I was thinking of and imagined a smallish boutique essence storefront. I wondered around this smallish room for about 2 hours just looking and feeling. I like the unconventional yarn display and all the notions available. There was a beautiful large black safety pin that I adored, but didn’t get ( though I still may).

There was no one hovering which I loved, and when help was required there was bell I could ring. I did buy yarn and initially was going to have it wound on a cone,but there was a fee for that service. Needless to say, I forgo that option. It was not an exorbitant nor an unreasonable amount or anything; I just didn’t want to pay.

The coolest thing that I loved was that instead of buying the full cone of Linen paper yarn, which is 1lb, I was able to buy ¼ lb of it! Cool right? Habu has, what I would consider novelty yarns, but it is fibers I can envision myself working with.

Habu is moving…….SALE!!!

In Uncategorized on May 8, 2014 at 7:11 pm

Moving sale!


After being in the same building for 15 years, we are moving to a new locationas of July 1st. (in New York) I was going a bit nuts trying to make this change, but am quite excited.

Before we move, we really really would like to reduce the stock we have to carry to the new location. So! we are having a big sale on not just yarns, but some fabrics and other items.

It will continue till June 8th. Please go to this link.