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Psychic prediction about package

In crochet, knitting on August 27, 2013 at 10:29 pm


After a Facebook message from the donor of one the squares, Stitches n’ Scraps, this morning inquiring if the package was received…Here it is! It was received this evening. It’s like she was psychic or something! Lol


This is an exquisite double knitted square. Meaning, both sides of the square have the same design, but the colors are inverted. It feels lovely indeed… Very cushy. I love the bright jewel tone of it! This takes some serious skill! I’m definitely not on this level of knitting! It’s amazing!

Thank you so much! I know that the card is for my cousin so I left it alone. I’ll give her all the cards with the blanket.

Mail is in

In crochet, knitting on August 19, 2013 at 11:46 pm


After a long day of work and then off to Camp Casita for yarn dyeing, I came home to a package… the cutest manilla envelope from SaraCrafts. It wasn’t a bill, and so it was cute! It brought a huge smile on my face!

She waddled her preggo self to the post office just for me to get this blanket done for my cousin! It also happened she got her giveaway prize from me today as well!

The blanket square is so beautiful with a lace heart motif in the middle. With it came 2 notes; one in an envelope and another on a post it on the envelope. I read both… So,so thoughtful. I think the enveloped one is for my cousin. So what I’ll do is hold this and any other notes for her and mail it off with the blanket. It’s good for her to know that other people care about her… Even those who don’t know her.

A big thanks to you Sara! I really do sincerely appreciate your kindness. I’m so grateful.