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Christmas knitting

In community challenges, knitting on November 13, 2014 at 5:35 pm

The time of year when your head bursts with anxiety because that plan you had to begin Christmas knitting in January was an epic fail … is now. Now, when it’s a month before Christmas and you have not one knitted gift as you so meticulously planned. Sarcasm. Fear not, there is hope here.  I found this on Facebook and shared on my page.  The emailed pdf came relatively quickly and I like it!  There are some helpful strategies in planning those pesky projects! Ha! I suggest starting in your stash!



Spring Cleaning

In knitting on May 8, 2014 at 6:49 pm

I suddenly found myself Spring cleaning my Ravelry faves and queues and tagging everything today.  I’m not sure where I got that mood from; it just came to be by default I guess. This was a daunting task, let me tell ya! I had about 3000 faves which I was able to get down to 2909! LMAO I had 6 pages of projects in queue which I was only able to bring down to 5 pages (146 projects). I cleaned out my project page, deleting my failed and frogged projects. Not to mention I have 929 in the compare patterns….I put them there because I didn’t want to add them to my faves or queue but still remember that I like them! LOL How did I get to this point?!

I had to separate knitting projects from crochet ones in the tags…I started, but I’m not done.

Looking through everything I saved (and then deleted), I found a lot of them to be plain ugly and I wasn’t sure how they got there! I suppose my style and aesthetic changed.

I want to know how you all use your “favorites” button and “queue” button and the compare pattern feature.  I feel like I fave everything because I feel inspired or it’s just pretty or whatever!  I feel like I may need to be more selective. It’s getting overwhelming and I want to get organized.

How do you organize your project page?

How do you use the favorites, queue and compare features?

I need guidelines people!

Use it or Lose it

In knitting, stash busting on January 1, 2014 at 12:59 am

My 2014 resolution is just that simple. Use it or lose it!

What am I talking about?
I’m talking about stash! Never ending, ever growing, never shrinking … STASH!

Right now, I don’t care how it goes down, but it must!  What I don’t like or can’t bother with anymore, I will give away / donate to Ms. Pearl at Knitty City. The rest absolutely must be linked with a project on Ravelry.  This way, I can seamlessly move from project to project without thinking…No heeing and hawing and just going and going!

This is so ridiculous! Argh!

Here are my resolutions:

1. Use stash.
2. Complete queued projects
3. Get serious about designing.

Something really weird

In knitting on October 6, 2013 at 10:06 am

The funniest thing to me is that I only get second sock syndrome but I don’t have any issues doing sleeves or mittens or whatever else individually.  Only socks…only socks.  I don’t know why! Is it just me? Weird. Oh! Wait! I lied. I also hate making any, well, most projects, twice. I guess I get bored quickly! Next! I don’t do “practice” projects… Once and that’s it. Yarn is too expensive to “practice.”

Um, where my socks at?

In knitting on August 15, 2013 at 10:01 pm

The summer has finally come to a close and fall has reared its head earlier than anticipated. It’s freezing! Maybe there are a few more hot days but I don’t see (or feel for that matter) it. Sandals and all other summer shoes requiring no socks are out…. Boots are in!

With all that said, it was just yesterday (and today too) I was looking for socks and I had none. I am convinced sock monsters exist! I had foot here and an unmatched foot there! And it was literally just those socks alone.

It was just a day or so ago, I asked on Facebook about everyone’s intended Fall projects were. It was Sara who suggested socks… My thought was something bigger, like a sweater or something, but but my immediate need has now presented itself. Socks.It.Is.

And not one at a time either… Two at a time on 2 circulars is the way for me ( I suffer from acute second sock syndrome). I could die if I do it any other way!

So the question is, when will I start this in between my cousins blanket and the blankie I asked for your vote on? I may just end up having these 3 projects going on at the same time… The need is now (unless I can find a couple of inexpensive pair?) I need it. My feet are cold and suffering!

Why There Ain’t No Hooking!

In crochet on July 7, 2013 at 3:42 pm

I am hooking you guys…Um, I will, I swear! I know you guys are like, “Oh, she calls herself theknitterlyhooker, but she ain’t doing squat!.” Listen, I know, but I need to find a project I’m inspired by or something. I just finished looking through a dozen crochet magazines and nothing…My magazines I know are dated, the last one I have before the first Vogue Knitting Crochet is Crochet Today 2011.  Prior to the Crochet Today 2011 the oldest one I have is Crochet! January 2007.  I had only a couple possibilities. And I have minimal crochet books (only baby stuff and I don’t feel like making that) Do you see my plight?  I know crochet has changed a lot, but truth be told, I haven’t kept up. So, regular hookers, please offer up some assistance.  I would hate for anyone to feel neglected. I’d like to offer up the hook once in a while.

Please and Thanks!