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The day I knit my brains out

In knitting, stash busting on October 17, 2014 at 6:07 pm


Of all the days, of the places in the world and of all the people…it happened to me – today…here. Annoyed yes, but mad I could not be. That would be an immense unnecessary stress that I would endure. So I leaned into what happened and I lived; I inhaled, I breathed – life.

I came prepared; armed with some good reasoning and a project bag with yarn. Alpaca yarn. Delicious. Can you imagine the combination of the softest yarn ever and the smoothness of needles click clacking against each other? That even, steady tempo….rhythmic hypnosis I call it.

I’m making a multi-functional hat from Knitted Gifts. No gauge done. It looks kind of small, but I’m sure it will fit someone’s head. Continue I shall.

A simple project is what I have been telling you I need and that’s what I finally found. This is one project I can use to knit and read simultaneously without incident.

I’m glad I had this project today. It kept me calm, cool and most importantly, collected. My blood pressure and temperature did not rise, not even to a simmer much less a boil. I knit without ceasing and then I knit some more.

This is my newly resuscitated habit…a small simple project on the run at all times. I’m about that life. That brings life.


Photo Challenge Day 25-27

In community challenges, knitting, sewing on October 27, 2013 at 5:10 pm



I made both project bags as prototypes. I was also trying to become one with my sewing machine. I think I did a good job. One is a humbug bag and the other, a drawstring bag. I’m not sure how to freestyle quilt on the sewing machine, perhaps someone has suggestions / tuts?

Day 26: MUG & Day 27:CHAIR


Ok, this mug is not necessarily my favorite but I think it’s cute. I also haven’t found love and don’t think I ever will. I don’t even know the people who got married. I just went with someone. I remember at this wedding I was starved to death. Horror story.. . Let’s just say that the food served all had faces… Literally.

Now, although you can’t see this chair in its entirety, it’s a wing back chair. I searched high and low and even went to the wackest borough in NY (take a wild guess where that is!). But I eventually bought this off Craigslist and I had it reupholstered. The plastic is for the animals. I had to reupholster it twice because the cats were being naughty. This is my knitting chair in the living room (I also have a knitting chair in my bedroom).

Long overdue :
Donated squares by salpal1(coralesque color) row and Cynthia (pink).

Sock update : I didn’t have them made, but I did find my lost socks. The sock monster was me! Lol I found like 9 pairs! Smh.