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Makers, unite

In community challenges, crochet, knitting on March 13, 2014 at 10:18 pm

My last post brought up some interesting comments and stirred up some thoughts.

As makers we often create for others and seldom for ourselves. But often times the people we make for are under the impression that we’re always making for our individual ourselves.The problem is we don’t… At least not enough of us do.

But what’s troubling too is that while we’re quick to make non-creators things as birthday gifts or just because gifts, we never think of making gifts for our maker friends. Yes, a skein of luxury yarn is nice. Yes, that fancy and too cute project bag is nice. (And I do know that we would still take those happily because you can never have enough! Lol) But I think that this logic is so sad. I guess we feel like we can make it for our individual selves and we’ll get to it… Eventually. Which really means never. Why do we have to wait until eventually?

I would like to encourage a maker exchange program here…online via my blog as a forum or Ravelry. Making a gift for someone in secret and presenting it at the end of the year. Like a secret Santa type of thing. The details of the swappage we can work out later. The guidelines we’ll do later.

How many of you are in? Thoughts?