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Let’s Make and Donate

In community challenges, Uncategorized on November 16, 2017 at 12:55 pm

There are many babies in this world who need our support and love we create in making hats. Recently, urgent calls have been made requesting that we – the skilled, talented, gifted – knitters and crocheters, heal the world. When we share and give of ourselves, and literally LOVE in action,  we create community and hope.

It is with urgency I request your support in making 100 or more hats to donate by February 11, 2018Although I favor the P.U.R.P.L.E initiative and Red hat project, there are others who need us. 

Make and mail hats to your favorite cause. Thanks in advance for your support. Please comment how many hats you will commit to make.

I need love

In community challenges, knitting on April 3, 2015 at 8:34 am


I’m in the running for some ESK badges and I need help. 

I’m shooting for the Popularity Contest badge. 

 Please love my Sand Banks hats, this and that. I need a minimum of 20 hearts  for at least one of these projects. 

 Show me some love!

The day I knit my brains out

In knitting, stash busting on October 17, 2014 at 6:07 pm


Of all the days, of the places in the world and of all the people…it happened to me – today…here. Annoyed yes, but mad I could not be. That would be an immense unnecessary stress that I would endure. So I leaned into what happened and I lived; I inhaled, I breathed – life.

I came prepared; armed with some good reasoning and a project bag with yarn. Alpaca yarn. Delicious. Can you imagine the combination of the softest yarn ever and the smoothness of needles click clacking against each other? That even, steady tempo….rhythmic hypnosis I call it.

I’m making a multi-functional hat from Knitted Gifts. No gauge done. It looks kind of small, but I’m sure it will fit someone’s head. Continue I shall.

A simple project is what I have been telling you I need and that’s what I finally found. This is one project I can use to knit and read simultaneously without incident.

I’m glad I had this project today. It kept me calm, cool and most importantly, collected. My blood pressure and temperature did not rise, not even to a simmer much less a boil. I knit without ceasing and then I knit some more.

This is my newly resuscitated habit…a small simple project on the run at all times. I’m about that life. That brings life.


If I Knit For You

In knitting on August 12, 2014 at 12:49 am

If I knit for you I must love you

On some level, I must.

Romantically or maybe not.


But regardless,

Love is more than a like 



On some level of consciousness I must love you

I work too long and too hard 


Hours upon hours for me not to love you

Knitting until my fingers bleed blood

Red assorted yarn and strings from my fingertips.


If I knit for you, it’s a privilege not a right

Let’s be clear

Any demands will be null and void and you get absolutely nothing.

If I knit for you and there is no exchange of that green goblin that runs the world, for what I got…

Then I must love you

If I’ve made you a scarf, a sock or even a hat, I must have loved you.

A sweater

More than likely I haven’t made you one

That’s me giving you my soul

It’s the greatest gift you could ever receive

Up there with my heart

But not easily achieved.


In every stitch is a song

A sound so tender and sweet. 

The melody dances to a tranquil place

These days, I knit for myself mainly

I love myself a lot

But I can love you too

There’s room

But, I must love your spirit

I need to see you. 

Deeper than your skin.

Beyond muscles and deeper than neurons

Signaling and transmitting between synapses.


I can knit for you

And if I do, it’s because I love you

I must.


Knit It. Love It.

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2013 at 12:00 am

Knit for yourself, not anyone else.  You show people your projects not for approval, praise or confirmation of skill. You already know this. You’re proud (as well you should be) of the work you’ve accomplished and you choose to share the joy. You’re not knitting for anyone else but yourself after all, and only you have to like it. Only you have to love it. If anyone doesn’t like it, oh well, take it with a grain of salt.  Don’t let your feelings be hurt. Project selection is a very personal decision, as is color choice. Our style and aesthetic tastes are different from each other, so we’ll not always agree; they even differ from our former selves. I mean to say, that we are not the same person we were yesterday, a month ago, a year ago or even10 years ago. We evolve …mostly, but some things are core and are unchanged elements of ourselves. Do you ever notice that you buy a magazine for a particular pattern, but by the time you’re ready to do it, you wonder why you ever even bought the magazine in the first place? “It’s hideous!,” you’re thinking to yourself. But then, you have patterns that no matter how long it takes to get to them, you love them…still. In the matter of “constructive criticism,” I suppose it can be offered perhaps to build character and pride in workmanship; to elevate and propagate creativity. It’s not for fostering despair, hopelessness and distress. The bottom line? Knit for yourself. Knit it, love it. It’s for you. What anyone else says about what you’ve made is not relevant. The End.

Project hopping

In knitting on July 3, 2013 at 12:00 am

I’m a hopper. I like to hop.  I go up and down and all around all day.  Everyday. My mind takes me from project to project which leads to me down a path plentiful in ideas and inspiration, but also a feeling of being overwhelmed. A part of my hopping has to do with yarn selection.  There are so many luscious yarns out there..some I’ve tried and plenty I haven’t and I want to. What is it with us fiber fanatics anyway, having multiple projects? Is it boredom? Is it excitement of a new yarn to feel and explore?  Is it about challenging ourselves with new techniques? Or is it fear of  a technique (for me, this is grafting)? Or is the bottom line that we are not loving what we’re making so we’re not motivated anymore and want to start anew?  In these last few months, although I have been tempted, my urge to buy yarn and start a new project has not defeated me.  I’ve stuck to my stash and I’ve stuck to this one project.


I’m working on a beautiful couture tee, I’ve named Zolotoi (Diana by Rowan Studio 21).  The first project in a while that’s actually mine.  I’m content with what’s on my needles. I’m enjoying the process.  I’m enjoying the yarn. I’m enjoying the simplicity. I don’t mind all the ideas but I want to make better project choices and be happy. I’m hoping to not hop so much…All the hopping is giving me a headache.  Ha!