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Reengaged in the process

In designing, stash busting on April 6, 2014 at 9:03 pm

Many, many weeks have passed without working on my design. I tried though. However, this weekend I was able accomplish quite a lot. I got several rows of stripes done, jogless of course. I even tampered with Fibonacci for the stripes. I know! Very technical stuff! I’m writing the pattern as I knit and I suppose that this is what slows my process. It’s time consuming, but for me, its necessary to see what I’m doing and write down what I’ve done for accuracy. So far, I’m loving the piece.image I remember telling you all I had a June 1, 2014 deadline ; I was initially thinking of submitting to Knitty…maybe another time. This will go straight to Ravelry as a PDF.