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Hookin’ and Lovin’ It!

In crochet on July 16, 2013 at 10:45 pm


I gotta say, coming back to crocheting wasn’t as hard as I anticipated it to be.  It was just like riding a bike! Once I got that hook in my hand, it’s like it was never out! It was mindless for me.

The pattern for the Turtle Love blanket, was well written, very easy to follow and easy to memorize(that is to say, muscle memory).  At first, doing the magic circle was a bit clumsy, but I soon found my way. I found it to be as soothing as knitting, but in a different way. It’s hard to explain, but it was a good feeling. I really was not expecting to fly through these granny squares so quickly. I mean I know it was only 5 of them do but I was done super duper fast.  As I was crocheting, I felt my groove coming back and I wondered why I really stopped and I think it just had to do with the fact that there are like a trillion stitches you have to remember (plus the carpal tunnel).

I feel that knitting has made me a stronger crocheter and let me tell you why… I was super fast, I was efficient and I was able to memorize the pattern repeat per row (something I had trouble with before if I didn’t use my ticking method). I started this project last night (7.15.13).  I bought yarn on Sunday, but I ended up finding yarn in my stash, so of course I will be going back for a refund….maybe. The only reason why I’m saying “maybe” is because I can maybe make a sweater, booties and hat to make a set.  We’ll see. I’ll let you know what I decided. You do hear me talking myself into more yarn right? SMH.

With this being a good return; an all in all good comeback, I’m thinking that I’ll try to fit some more crocheting in my repertoire. There are still ends to weave in on the granny squares and they have to be,of course, joined. I am thrilled, in fact, I am ecstatic about my reconnection to crocheting and in such a big way!