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Making for Makers – Part Deux

In community challenges, knitting, stash busting on March 5, 2015 at 11:53 pm

Making for Makers Cycle 2 is now accepting registrants. 

The idea for this initiative was realized in this blog post. 

 **2nd cycle deadline to submit email address to organizer [me: RavID-pinkcashmere1980) is: JUNE 14, 2015 **

 **Gifts are to be completed by: DECEMBER 16, 2015 **

****You must private message the organizer with your email address and your location to be entered into the cycle. Once your email is received, you will be sent a link to the random name generator program. At that time, you will input your entry form in that system.****

Christmas isn’t over

In crochet, finished projects, knitting, stash busting on January 2, 2014 at 9:40 am

My dear, long time friend asked me to make this particular item since the summer past. I got caught up in fulfilling this request and that’s all I can say. So here we are in Christmas season and the request is made again. Gosh! The search was on and Ravelry had the solution.

I found one. The first attempt of the crocheted applique was a fail. I gotta say this again, I don’t think I have crochet in me anymore. I will have to relearn this skill… Time to break out the books and video footage I suppose. Anyway, I found an easier crochet applique and it came out decent. Onward to the knitted body which was easy as pie; couldn’t be any simpler than garter stitch.

Ending this was also a problem. My initial bind off was too tight. I couldn’t seam it together. So I pulled that out. Then I seamed it with crochet slipped stitches and sewed on the applique. I realized that it looked kinda big, so I pulled it back some and binded off again. The problem is that I ended up with an awful bulky seam. The public side had an obvious error from the seaming. I did a back stitch to try and correct it.

The good news here, in all this, is, that I got to use my Cast On, Bind off book and did the suspended bind off which was incredibly easy.


So, what is it that I made? I know, with all this drama! A cup cozy!


I gave it to her on New Years day and she loved it! Yeah!

August Yarnbox

In crochet, knitting on August 29, 2013 at 12:00 am


Unfortunately, this will be last posting (for a while) about Yarnbox, as this is the last one in my birthday subscription. Unlike July’s box, I really did love this yarn and I’m glad it was a chunky weight.

I love working with chunky weight for obvious reasons… It knits up faster and produces a warmer fabric. This yarn was like a mint green and turquoise “thread” entwined in a grayish off-white background. It is really a gorgeous yarn.



I just want to be clear that I’m only saying it will be a while before another yarn subscription period and not specifically Yarnbox. I have a sizeable stash that I need to tackle as it is.

Overall, I must say that I was happy with Yarnbox… They did it for me 2 out of 3 times. In my book that ain’t too bad! I must say that I did love having the yarn subscription because it did expose me to yarn companies I had never heard of and I appreciated that and most of all, it was not a bill! Lol

I’d like to apologize for the delay in posting this. The Yarnbox was received last week Friday 8/23 and that was when the film was done as well. Enjoy.

Third square… 2nd time around

In crochet, knitting on August 28, 2013 at 12:15 pm



As you know, I redid the 3rd square due to some sizing issues. I finished this on Saturday 8.24.13. And I couldn’t be happier with the results!

In hindsight, I’m actually glad that I had to redo the piece as I had an opportunity to learn this stitch pattern. It also taught me patience and to have more pride in my work.

This time around, the stitch pattern did not require so much focus and I was able to memorize it and even watch Bollywood movies!

This was a fantastic pattern and showed me how, just even small changes in how we knit can produce a beautiful pattern that looks complex but isn’t.

Great pattern! On to number 4… I may go back to basics with some knit and purl based stitch patterns.

Psychic prediction about package

In crochet, knitting on August 27, 2013 at 10:29 pm


After a Facebook message from the donor of one the squares, Stitches n’ Scraps, this morning inquiring if the package was received…Here it is! It was received this evening. It’s like she was psychic or something! Lol


This is an exquisite double knitted square. Meaning, both sides of the square have the same design, but the colors are inverted. It feels lovely indeed… Very cushy. I love the bright jewel tone of it! This takes some serious skill! I’m definitely not on this level of knitting! It’s amazing!

Thank you so much! I know that the card is for my cousin so I left it alone. I’ll give her all the cards with the blanket.

Time Is Ticking

In crochet, knitting on August 6, 2013 at 7:42 pm


There are only a few days to enter for a chance to win! I decided on the Crochet Noro for the crochet prize. The winners will be some very lucky folks because not even I have these books and I want ’em, believe me! I’ve never had the opportunity to work with Noro myself, but I’ve heard and I’ve seen great things. What I love, is how all the colors are represented in knitted and crocheted pieces in each book, and it all just seems to work! The projects are amazing!

If you haven’t already done so, enter here.

Maximum security prisoners in Brazilian jail take up knitting to create designs for high-end fashion label | Mail Online

In crochet, knitting on August 6, 2013 at 9:45 am

If I had this kind of influence, perhaps I would like to participate in rehabilitating prisoners in this way. This is the power of knitting and crochet! I believe that behavior change starts in the mind. I am very inspired by this article. I think this is the second such program I read about, the other being in Pennsylvania USA, if I’m not mistaken.

July 2013 Yarnbox – Take Two

In crochet, knitting on July 27, 2013 at 3:55 pm

I guess this is no longer a spoiler since the August Yarnbox is expected in a few weeks.

Disclaimers about the video:
1. This is my very first properly executed self video. The first wasn’t taped properly i.e. vertically.
2. During the filming, I got a message on my tablet and it was heard on the video. And it’s loud too! lol Sorry.  Anyone know how to fix that for the next time?
3. I think I started speaking fast but I’m not sure. Sorry.  I’ll sum up what  I said below the video.

If you’re asking yourself, “What did she say?!?” Here it is:


The Postcards:
Laura Nelkin [codes for 50%off her jewelry kit on Ravelry | 20% off all e-patterns and books for July and August | 50% off her Craftsy classes]
Sarah Jane Jackson [1 copy of her ‘Frippery’ cuff pattern | 30% off any Ravelry pattern | 40% off the ‘Cuffed’ e-book]
Darn Good Yarn: Making a Positive Impact in the World, providing empowerment to those (Nepal and India) “who face gender and caste discrimination” … “empowerment comes from creatingmarvelous, high quality yarn from reclaimed materials.” Mostly the women of those countries are creating these yarns.

The Yarn:
2 skeins hot pink Darn Good Yarn – Lux Adventure Collection Recycled Silk Yarn (80 yds each)
1 skein Darn Good Yarn – Plush [that’s the hairy multicolored one] (32 yds)
1 skein Darn Good Yarn – At The Bahamas (117ft, 130 yds)

I’m not a fan of novelty yarn. And I consider this to be novelty yarn.




The Bottom Line: I’m disappointed with the box.  I have no idea what to do with them.  Any suggestions?

Not in the video:
1) I looked on Ravelry and SEVERAL people “Will trade or sell” Plush.  A few “will trade or sell” Lux Adventure Collection Recycled Silk Yarn and At The Bahamas.

2) I think that the Lux Adventure Collectionan be worked with. The other 2…I’m not so sure. I guess I’ll join the ” Will trade or Sell” crowd on Ravelry!

3) I’m not knocking this company, I think they are doing a very positive , beautiful thing for the people of India, I just wished they had selected some nicer yarn from their brand I saw like Brown Tweed Pulled Silk (all the colors), Harvest Silk Cloud Silk Yarn, Jar of Olives Chunky Wool Yarn.  I will still support as I stated,  because it is worthy and brings people to self-sufficiency and building their economy.

Crochet this, please

In crochet on July 11, 2013 at 8:00 pm


Yesterday, I sat in only the light of the television and my tablet illuminating my living room, when…Pling! a Facebook notification. A friend is expecting her first child and inquired if I could kindly make her this turtle blanket and hat. It’s cute, right? I know it! The funny thing about this request was that I was planning to make something anyway and I did consider this. However, the thing is, I wasn’t sure if it was her style. So me being me, figured I’d make something more practical like a sweater and bootie.

Though I had finally settled on making some sort of granny square project, specifically these spiffy shoes, I’ve decided on the turtle blanket. I don’t do blankets, but this does not seem like a daunting task…it’s all of 5 granny squares. Yipee!!!!

With the request, I had some stipulations…Perhaps I shouldn’t admit to this, buuuuuut….I (swift sentence..big breath, no breath in between words). But theeeen if that wasn’t bad enough, I had the audacity to request the spiffy shoes pattern be printed too. I did say please and thanks! Listen, no judgments please. I have no printer nor computer at the moment. Lol

I’ve been off the crochet hook a long time. I’m rusty, and but I’m breaking out the hooks! But old habits die hard, right? I’m scared! Lol

Wish me luck! I’m starting it now (that is, in July…not today, not tomorrow) even though the shower is in October, because, um, I know myself! Lol

Maybe this weekend I’ll go for a yarn run. Do y’all think cotton or wool?

Why There Ain’t No Hooking!

In crochet on July 7, 2013 at 3:42 pm

I am hooking you guys…Um, I will, I swear! I know you guys are like, “Oh, she calls herself theknitterlyhooker, but she ain’t doing squat!.” Listen, I know, but I need to find a project I’m inspired by or something. I just finished looking through a dozen crochet magazines and nothing…My magazines I know are dated, the last one I have before the first Vogue Knitting Crochet is Crochet Today 2011.  Prior to the Crochet Today 2011 the oldest one I have is Crochet! January 2007.  I had only a couple possibilities. And I have minimal crochet books (only baby stuff and I don’t feel like making that) Do you see my plight?  I know crochet has changed a lot, but truth be told, I haven’t kept up. So, regular hookers, please offer up some assistance.  I would hate for anyone to feel neglected. I’d like to offer up the hook once in a while.

Please and Thanks!