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Knitting – in the New Year

In community challenges, designing, knitting, stash busting on January 1, 2015 at 12:08 pm


I never made it to 12am. I never saw the ball drop on tv. What I did do though, is allow my eyes to be consumed by the weight of sleep. It was a beautiful thing! I dreamed of things I would do, the places I’d go and the person I’ll become.

What place will I have in the world and in the knitting community? I decided I would begin things right by finishing properly. I was charged to make a swatch, and when it was completed it was unbalanced. It needed a companion. So, I decided to convert the swatch to a wristband/cuff. The companion is what I worked on before I fell asleep.

On this new year’s day, I will finish the companion. This will be trend…to finish all what I have started, and also to make a social statement using knitting…now, won’t that be interesting?

This is a year of new things. Let’s do it!


Weekend Haul

In knitting on July 6, 2013 at 3:04 pm


A knitter’s learning is never done and is continuously inspired by the world around, especially changes in fashion trends. It’s about becoming efficient and well rounded and well versed in various areas in knitting. I desire to do better and to be better, so I have invested (on a budget).

Vogue Knitting Stitchionary 5 – Lace Knitting: This cost me $15 on a Barnes and Noble 50% off trolley. I checked on Amazon (my go to for book purchases) before buying and it was $66. That’s just ridiculous. So I did my happy dance (literally) and made my way to the counter and happily purchased. I wanted to conquer my fear dislike for lace so I figured this was a very good place to start.

Knit Red- Stitching for Women’s Heart Health: I saw this book before it was published at the 2012 VKL NYC. I thought it was a great cause, the projects were pretty and the price was right. However, the price was even better today at Joann’s for $12. I got it, just because. There are a good number of cute projects, and there are recipes ( I love to eat) plus, I feel like the anecdotes on each designer help me get to know them on a personal level.

Alice Starmore’s Charts For Color Knitting: Lastly, I purchased this because of another blogger and because I love color work (no matter how tedious). This was purchased at Joann’s for $12. I have a design in mind using a chart from here and I’m excited to get it started. This will be a great introduction to a more intense, top secret (for now) colorwork project I have in mind. The designs in this book are phenomenal and I can’t wait to begin.