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Greatness of Garter

In community challenges, events, knitting on July 20, 2015 at 9:55 pm

My summer has been easy breezy. Much easier than I anticipated, but even still, my calendar has been filled to capacity. There is little time to knit and I have summer brain drain lol. I was trying to do my green tank, which is pretty simple but the outcome- disastrous, and I had to frog. The ribbing and stockinette were much too much for me to think about. I decided to return to my tried and true garter stitch.

Garter stitch makes my brain flow much better! No room for errors. No frogging. Just knitting. And more knitting. It’s mindless and somehow that translates into easier and faster project work ups. I swear.

I’m working on Cascade Scarf no.2 for my ESK mitered square KAL entry. I’ve almost finished a square in a matter of hours. At this rate, I’m giving myself like 2 weeks to complete the scarf, but I don’t know….I have parties to attend. Ha!

Bad dyelot?

In community challenges, knitting, portfolio on November 2, 2013 at 11:59 pm


I’m thrilled to have received yarn for the Bespoken testing. I actually got it Wednesday evening but I’ve been extremely busy since I returned to work.

My yarn shipment came with a crumpled packaging slip because it was crammed into my smallish mailbox. Normally I wouldn’t give a care about a packaging skip, but rather, just rejoice that I received mail which was not a bill. But I was curious, and this is what my curiosity revealed:


What is “bad dyelot”? What did this poor color do? It wasn’t popular enough, maybe? Why even put a label on the unfortunate circumstance that this color has found itself? I love this rusty, reddish brown color! I may order more for Pine before WEBS runs out.

I have a confession to make though… I’ve never used Cascade 220 before! I know, I know! It’s supposed to be every knitters fall back, staple yarn. I can’t even explain why it has never touched my stash until now. But if I like it, I’ll keep it as a permanent resident in my stash. It’s at a great price point.

Tell me if Cascade 220 is your staple yarn and why. What’s your experience with it?