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2017 Knit Year

In Uncategorized on January 8, 2017 at 11:10 pm

Every 365 days we renew, refresh, and revise our perspective, determination and drive. This pivotal period between the old year and the new, allows us to decide and define the steps needed to succeed, including changes to be made. We create internalized grandiose promises and goals that can affect the construct of our daily lives and direct our life course,  but in the end, sometimes unattainable.  Successs in meeting these resolutions, are measured in consistency; consistently striving to meet these goals despite obstacles that appear.

For knitters, we also face a similar struggle with our knitterlutions. We create here goals, without realistic consideration of our full lives and responsibilities that entails…after all, we are still social beings and cannot be isolated and solely dedicated to our knitting. Knitting takes up a lot of time…even the smallest of projects. We know this! We also know, to really see any progress in our work, we must knit a minimum of 3 hours per session.  As we plan our knitterlutions, we must keep that in mind.

I now submit to you, my own knitterlutions for 2017

1. PINK AND GREEN: the color scheme of the year for various projects

2. CROCHET: make at least 1 crochet project

3. STASH AND DASH: use the stash for projects or donate them

4. STITCH A DAY: daily knitting needed, even if for 5 minutes

5. DREAM IT, DO IT: design, knit mock ups, write pattern, publish AND/OR commissioned projects

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