The Knitterly Hooker

A nano second

In Uncategorized on July 28, 2016 at 8:33 am

I’ve always admired Wool and the Gang’s marketing.  The idea of having prebuilt kits seems easy…and especially of items reflective of current styles and trends. 

On instagram last week, I happened to find a few posts of their latest summer kit. Espadrilles. This was a collaboration between Wool and the Gang and Soludos. By the time I found them though it was too late. Wool and the Gang had no kits and neither did Soludos.

I did what any sane craft crazed person does. I began stalking both companies websites. I emailed customer service. I added myself to the restocked item notification list. I wanted these. I wanted them BAD. 

I haven’t crocheted in many moons and I thought this project would be a perfect comeback to hooking.

This morning, sitting my car. A pop up email notification came…from Wool and the Gang. I opened it and all I saw was “They’re back.” A nanosecond after receiving the email, I was on the website. I ordered two. One in an off whitish color and of course pink. 

So, correction to that email notification of having just 150. They have 148 left and if you want one you better jump on board. Hurry up!

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