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afghans for Afghans

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afghans for Afghans is a humanitarian and educational people-to-people project that sends hand-knit and crocheted wool garments to the beleaguered people of Afghanistan. Join us!

Good Morning, Knitters and Crocheters for Afghanistan!

Happy Mardi Gras!

Gung Hay Fat Choy!

Lots of good wishes to you this year!

How wonderful that you are reading this email. So glad you are still here, friends. You are truly awesome for your staying power. Founded in partnership with the San Francisco office of the American Friends Service Committee, the afghans for Afghans project started in late 2001, in response to the events that unfolded after 9/11. 

We’re sticking to our knitting and crocheting in 2016.

This year’s campaign looks a lot like 2014. 

The emphasis now is on wool hats and socks (knit only, please) for newborns. We don’t have a due date yet. Hmmm … Mother’s Day might be right. We’ll have to see as we go along. 

We are also accepting wool hats, socks (knit only, please), and mittens for ages 7 to adult. This garments will likely be distributed to schools and other education programs, shelters, and internally displaced people.

Please read the detailed guidelines here.  The fiber requirement hasn’t changed.

You may send in your garments anytime. Some people like to accumulate a pile before mailing. Others pop a couple items in an envelope as they go along. We will sort the incoming packages about once a month. Please send only items on the list of needed garments, nothing else.

Once again, NGO Trust in Education will be responsible for overseas transit and distribution of our wool gifts.  We’re very lucky that Trust in Education has access to air transit again and reliable people on the ground in Afghanistan.

Thank you for continuing to care for the people of Afghanistan with the work of your own hands and hearts. Our practical wool gifts are an expression of respect and friendship during wartime. 

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