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Wonder Woman

In Uncategorized on November 25, 2015 at 9:03 pm

All those Facebook quizzes tell me I’m Wonder Woman. They ain’t lying! It’s definitely facts. 

Another Wonder Woman is my friend Lexi from La Casita. She is a design genius, I swear!  She’s super nice, sweet, and super helpful, and of course talented.  I too want to really design, I’m not there yet, but she is, and I’d like to help promote her.

I saw her a couple months ago at La Casita designing her super hero inspired ornaments. When she showed me the full vision I.Fell.In.Love.  During the hiatus of seeing her at the shop, she went to town.
I saw Lexi again a couple days ago at an event at La Casita and we had to have a chat.  Lexi told me has kits available and she’ll also make ’em and mail everything. Of course I want one. 

 I’m pleased to announce my new favorite Etsy shop: LexiCorp

What a whimsical way to celebrate the holiday! Check her out!

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