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ESK 2015 Yarnathon : Team Fleecy Foxes

In community challenges, events, knitting, stash busting on April 4, 2015 at 4:10 pm


I’m surprised at myself (and also ashamed) for not sharing this with you all from the beginning of the year… I’ve been actively participating in the ESK Yarnathon.

 I’m competitive. I like to win and I like team effort. I like to participate in activities with the possibility of winning. And especially when yarn is involved it’s definitely a win, win! 

 Eat, Sleep, Knit yarn shoppe (which I know, I’ve mentioned time and time again) has an annual Yarnathon.  Each person is assigned a team (this year I’m Team Fleecy Foxes).  There are specific task based assignments to complete in order to earn prizes for not only yourself, but the team.  I like this because it keeps me focused and I have something to look forward to when I’m done. 

 I mean, I’ve even found myself plotting my ESK Yarnathon strategy so that I’m efficient in my yarn purchases and maximize my knitting time when I can! I’ve “charted” out in my agenda book when I’m going to knit! So OCD me! lol 

 This is what I’m competing for: Booster Badges and KAL’s.

So far I’ve completed KAL: headgear and new-to-you

I’ve gotten a bunch of badges so far too: social stalker, stash diver, all the single ladies, queue anonymous, and recently, phone a friend. 

I’m pretty pleased with myself with what I’ve accomplished so far, considering that my time is limited. 

My next 2 KAL’s I’ll be working on is KAL#12: Chunky Knits, KAL#10: Selfless Knits and the badges are: Popularity Contest, Binge Knitter, and Mini-Knits.


Join the fun!

  1. How awesome. Having run 38 odd miles this week I know how much of a challenge this is! Running a marathon is hard but knitting one? Judging by my legs your hands will hurt πŸ˜‰. I think it is a fab idea tho and maybe a challenge for the future for me when I can no longer run. Please keep us informed of your progress. I will be ready to cheer you on whenever. Xo

    • I thought of you while I prepare for my 1st. 5k which has been pseudo challenging with the snow and some body ailments. I never conceptualized the yarnathon as you have though that’s exactly what it is. I was just doing it and I feel like I need to have that attitude for my 5k and running period. When I read 38 miles I could just drop! Lol Knitting this yarnathon has been fun and expensive!, so my progress has been slow…but there is progress. It’s just a metaphor for my life to just keep moving no matter what. I will definitely keep you UTD with my progress. The trick for me is to just make the same thing for certain challenges…the more you make a pattern the quicker it gets (I’ve been making Sand Banks hats…I’m about to make 2 more lol)…leaving more time for other pattern for various other challenges that I can take my time with.
      Btw, have you liked on Ravelry (RavID pinkcashmere1980) my LYDIG? I need 3 more likes so I can get another badge πŸ˜πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ thanks for your support and always your lovely comments.🌷

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