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4.5 days of knitting

In knitting on November 5, 2014 at 10:20 pm

Picture courtesy of my email

Is 4 1/2 days truly all it takes to knit this sweater? I can do that!

I’m so torn! I need a sweater (more than one actually), I need to knit again (I started a hat and it’s almost done), but do I need the $195 cost? Really?

I have a 10% discount code good until 11/10/2014, which is what, like $20 off, so $175 cost? (If my math is bad don’t judge me, not my strong point.)

Then of course the next issue is the color I want! (sigh)

Somebody save me!

I’ve literally been dreaming of Wool and the Gang and the fancy kits making life so simple!

Wool and the Gang seems so cool and the short knit is so appealing to me!

I want a sweater knit kit! Waaaaaaa (my I love Lucy cry) lol

If I get this, it literally would be the only gift I would give myself for Christmas… (but wait, there’s the Black Friday sale at Eat, Sleep, Knit)

Has anyone knit this before or similar sweater kit from Wool and the Gang?

Should I just find a similar pattern on Ravelry and buy yarn from LYS?

Talk to me.


  1. I hear you!!! They look so tempting BUT way I mean VERY overpriced. This looks great I bet you could find a pattern on ravelry and yarn at your LYS that you will love and so will your budget ……….just saying 😉

    • Plus, after looking at the weight of the yarn (despite the wonderful reviews) it’s aran weight. Unless this joint is doubled, I don’t see how it can be knit in 4.5 days.

      I may so as you suggest…sale yarn at LYS or online shop.

      I think the price is driven by the fact that the company is based in the UK.

  2. I agree with Beth – find a pattern for a simple raglan sweater and buy suitably thick yarn. I wouldn’t want to spend more than half that on wool for one garment unless I was using alpaca or cashmere or some other luxury yarn. And if you’re looking for an everyday sweater you may want to go for an easy-care wool blend which could be even cheaper…

    • The yarn WATG is using IS luxury yarn! Lol It’s alpaca!
      I’m definitely weighing my options and actually found a simple raglan sweater pattern by Lionbrand and can probably make some adjustments to be a tunic .

  3. There is about 5 sweaters that I want from them, but then I probably won’t be able to eat for a month or so haha. I say go the affordable route.

  4. I’m shrinking my belly! Lol I think I am am…I’d like to try Malabrigo Rios yarn….I read reviews about no pilling.

  5. I’m on a sweater knitting kick now…I am going to buy Jane Richmond’s Oatmeal pattern from Ravelry…it uses LB Wool Ease Chunky so it’s very budget friendly and its a quick knit and classic style. Plus there are many different people who knit it up in different yarns…I’ll be using Patons Bulky in Emerald. And then I want to knit a sweater from my Eunny Jang sweater class on Craftsy. I think that uses worsted weight yarn.

    • Cute sweater! And those are economical! I want inexpensive bourgeois yarn!lol I actually have a sweater quantity of a bulky cotton yarn but I know that it stretches and expands when wet. So I’m not really sure what to do with it.

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