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I was curious

In knitting on June 28, 2014 at 8:20 pm



I’ve seen a few of you blogging about reading and knitting at the same time and I was curious. “How the hell does one do that?” I wondered, and after several months, my curiosity got the best of me.  I did have some clue that stockinette and garter stitch would be involved, but I needed details to accomplish this task.  I want to be able to squeeze in as many activities at a time, being that my time is limited.  I have a summer list to get through and a few projects I’d lime to finish as well, so I need to multitask. I decided to go to all knowing Google and got a clue.  The list of the tips I like are as follows:

  1. Untangling Knots blog
  2. Laylock

It seems like the common denominator that makes this whole operation possible are reading e-books or investing in a bookstand.   It is clear that the book needs to be propped up on an angle and large print would make life easy.  Apparently knitting and reading is the equivalent of knitting in the dark.  It’s a more tactile process knitting is, than reliance on the eyes.

Now, how to sleep and knit!?! That is the question! lol (Damn, I drifted off typing this post. I am tired!)

I’m now reading, I Am Malala and still knitting Admit.  I’ll have to read Wild later…print is too fine.

  1. I’m with you! Can’t wait to read the tips. I too have wondered about this

  2. When I’ve questioned people about this in the past a lot of people have suggested audio books, I have to say though that I haven’t gotten round to downloading any as it’s not a medium that interests me. I tend to budget my time in the evenings so I get a decent amount if knitting done, and then some reading on top of it as well. Good luck finding the perfect balance!

    • Yes! Audio books! I forgot that one! I think that I will get a book stand.. I put it in my lap last night. It worked ok but left page kept closing. I’ll definitely keep working at it. I could try and manage my time and do both as individual tasks,but I don’t have time!lol

  3. I use my iPad sitting on a pillow next to me, but only for pretty monotonous knitting. Lacing and knitting is a bit hard to do 🙂

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