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Spring Cleaning

In knitting on May 8, 2014 at 6:49 pm

I suddenly found myself Spring cleaning my Ravelry faves and queues and tagging everything today.  I’m not sure where I got that mood from; it just came to be by default I guess. This was a daunting task, let me tell ya! I had about 3000 faves which I was able to get down to 2909! LMAO I had 6 pages of projects in queue which I was only able to bring down to 5 pages (146 projects). I cleaned out my project page, deleting my failed and frogged projects. Not to mention I have 929 in the compare patterns….I put them there because I didn’t want to add them to my faves or queue but still remember that I like them! LOL How did I get to this point?!

I had to separate knitting projects from crochet ones in the tags…I started, but I’m not done.

Looking through everything I saved (and then deleted), I found a lot of them to be plain ugly and I wasn’t sure how they got there! I suppose my style and aesthetic changed.

I want to know how you all use your “favorites” button and “queue” button and the compare pattern feature.  I feel like I fave everything because I feel inspired or it’s just pretty or whatever!  I feel like I may need to be more selective. It’s getting overwhelming and I want to get organized.

How do you organize your project page?

How do you use the favorites, queue and compare features?

I need guidelines people!

  1. I’m looking for a good method also. I had to laugh when I read this, I just about deleted everything, but ended up finding more stuff to add. Ugh!!! *grin*

    • Lmao! I see you are in the same situation as me! The trouble with Ravelry is that there’s ALWAYS something to add that is more beautiful and intriguing than the last thing you added!

  2. I use queue only to add items to a wishlist. Everything else I like goes into favourites. There I use tags extensively to organize. I use tags that classify by item type (baby stuff, sweaters, shawls etc). But you could also tag by technique (lace, color work etc). Then you only need to click on items in the list on the left hand side to view patterns that you would like to look at. I don’t use compare feature at all. I also use tags to organise projects. You can also create tabs for projects by tags.

    • I think there’s another way to add patterns to your wish list without adding it to queue. When you’re on the pattern you want added to the wish list, there’s a button on the right that says add to wish list. I like the tagging ideas! I started on that. No compare? How come? I tab my projects page too but I want to keep it simple without overcrowding.

  3. For favorites I wantonly click on everything I find pretty or interesting in any way. It makes for good browsing when I’m feeling uninspired. I use my queue for things I actually plan to make when I find or make a rare moment between designs. I can’t say I’ve ever used the compare pattern feature!

    • Do you use the tags to help organize? Or delete anything from faves? How you’re using the queue is how I am,but I feel like it’s too much! Do you put only “big” projects in the queue like blankets? Or everything, like socks and headbands?

      • I tag my favorites pretty liberally, so that if I’m looking for, say, a cowl-necked pullover to add to the queue I can narrow down my favs to look through only those. All the projects I plan ahead to make wind up in the queue, no matter how small. Occasionally I do weed out the queue though, when it becomes obvious I’ve lost interest in a particular pattern. I try not to let it get above say, 20 projects (less if I’ve got lots of sweaters in it) because it’s just not realistic for me to think I can actually find time to knit all those.

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