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I Swear!

In knitting, stash busting on May 3, 2014 at 1:01 pm

Knitting does not love me anymore.
I feel like it’s retaliating against me, just for the mere fact that it has been temporarily been replaced by another source of relaxation;hot weather, lazy days, along with tank tops and short shorts!

My goal was to have a least the back of my top completed by now, but here I am…struggling to even get started! Ridiculous! I have casted on the Rowan coco shirt about 5 times already.  Each time I cast on and proceed with the pattern, I get no further than row 5. What gives? The yarn has become permanently crinkled and has lost some weft and all the strands that make up the ply have become undone. My yarn is about to collapse I think.  I want to make this top…I really do, but I feel like if I can’t get a good headway on this pattern, this project will be aborted and I’ll start my Trapezoid tee or Mix no. 15 or Layered Ruffle tank.

Have you ever encountered this sort of a problem?  How did you address it?

  1. Maybe it’s the change of climate that’s affecting your yarn. You are on vacation right, because ain’t nobody in the Bronx wearing shorts and a tank top now, hahaha! ENJOY!!

  2. Oh no! So very, very frustrating. I haven’t had that problem with a pattern, but I do have some hand me down cotton yarn that has tried to become goodness knows how many projects only for me to discover that the yarn and pattern don’t “get along.”

    Take a step back, put that project in “time out”, and wait to start it again until you are having one of those days where everything is going right. πŸ™‚

  3. I agree with Sara. A bit of space is definitely needed.

  4. When rhis sort of thing happens to me, what usually helps is making another quick and simple project – a small toy or a dish cloth. This boosts my self confidence and gives me time away from the naughty project. Good luck and enjoy your holiday.

  5. Generally if I have to do something more than 3 times and don’t get it right, I assume that either I don’t have the skills needed to do knit it or there’s a problem with the pattern. Usually the former, but occasionally the latter. Either way, to the frog pond it goes.

  6. I agree, time out! *grin* when this happens to me, I usually switch yarns, that yarn wants to be something else. LOL, give it one more go, in a couple of months.

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