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Follow your arrow KAL

In community challenges, knitting on January 25, 2014 at 2:10 pm


Am I the only one who doesn’t know about it? Damn it!I should have found out BEFORE I declared a yarn diet! Lol

The only reason I found out is because I liked Fable Fibers picture on Instagram. Follow your arrow KAL is a mystery shawl hosted by Ysolda Teague; two different clues are posted a week and there’s a total of 32 shawl possibilities!

Can I admit to you that I have never made a shawl?! The shawls I saw look gawjas dawlins’!lol It’s still early in the game! Who’s going to do this and can I live vicariously through you? (smile)

  1. Never made a shawl? You need to. X

  2. Dig through your stash and find some compatible yarn and go for it!

  3. I wanted to do it, but I’m already committed to two year long -alongs and can’t fit another one in now…not to mention shawls fill me with terror.

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