The Knitterly Hooker

Maybe it’s me

In designing, stash busting on January 22, 2014 at 11:34 pm

I took a snow day, but it should have been a sick day. I’ve been sneezing all day, with bouts of hot flashes and pounding headaches. I tried to knit but that was a futile attempt. My mind could not focus on anything and mistakes riddled the tea cozy and my design. TINK TINK TINK. It was quitting time as soon as I started… Nothing seemed to make sense. Is that I’m dense and not getting it? Or is it that I’m sick? I think the former. Tomorrow is a new day and will be better.

Stay tuned.

  1. 😦 sorry you’re not feeling well! but you’re right, tomorrow will be better. and you’re wrong too – you’re not dense, just sick!

  2. Hope you are feeling better. X

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