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Color chosen

In designing, knitting, stash busting on January 6, 2014 at 11:27 am

I had some grand ideas for color schemes….and of course nothing in my stash was right. So I decided on something basic but beautiful; grey and off-white. I chose Caron Simply Soft, it’s inexpensive, but maybe as time goes on, I’ll be able to design on better.


I’m not sure I’ll get started on this today, but I might. I just may cake up these puppies though. I’ll also consider color placement.

I’m really happy!

  1. I really like Caron Simply Soft…for a relatively inexpensive yarn, it’s quite soft and sturdy. It does like to felt a bit though.

  2. wait…today is Monday by me…you’re in a different time zone. Ok, figure on about 20-24 hours from now – it’s 10:30am Monday morning where i’m at right now

  3. Of course you know I love the colors! Thanks for the sneak peek!

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