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Christmas Crunch

In knitting on December 24, 2013 at 10:33 pm


It’s Christmas Eve and I haven’t finished making a cowl to be gifted. I did make one, but it’s mine. A girl has to treat herself right? So as of right now, because I chose to keep the first cowl, I’m under my own pressure time frame to get this one done asap. It’s just been a bit busy at work. Since I’m using Cascade Magnum again, I think all I need is a few hours and it can be around the recipients neck my nightfall.

I’ve been knitting with my lap cat enjoying a couple programmed shows and that has kept me focused (well, obviously not that much since I’m writing this lol)… So maybe not focused, but at peace.

My undisclosed circumstance, though unfortunate, has encouraged me to consider myself first and take time to reflect… Very few gifts have been purchased, so I am freed to consider life, integrity, honor and humility. I realize that the older we get, the less this season is about gifts and more about the quality of people we spend our waking moments with. Consider the most consistent to be precious gifts and treasure them.

Our lives doesn’t have to be perfect to enjoy the company of excellent people, right?

Be well!

  1. Merry Christmas Margaret!

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  2. Merry Christmas!

  3. I made two hats, three visors, 7 boot cuffs and a shrug in two days. 7 hours of sleep in 48 hours. I am scared to sit here and crochet a hat for myself or else someone might make a request. I have received 3 today. I am tired and salty cause no one made me anything. Merry Christmas! I need a nap!

    • Damn girl, you went to WORK!👏👌✋👍👊 That’s some super powers! I am in awe! Good work! Make what’s for you in hiding so no requests can be made. Sleep first though.

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