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Flash opinions needed

In community challenges, knitting on November 22, 2013 at 12:31 am


I’m looking for options and fast!

Tomorrow is pay day Friday and I need to improvise…that is to say, that I need to buy some yarn! I’m still trying to squeeze in a pair of mittens for the KAL. I need an opinion as which one of these coordinates. I already have 2 favorites but I don’t want to sway your answers.



The plan is to do the ribbing in the Fable Fibers Chloe and the body in a coordinating color.

I need answers by 8 pm EST 11/22/13 please 😀

Thanks in advance!

  1. Cranberry. Maaaaybe Poppy. I actually like the Berry the best but I don’t think it matches as well. The Cranberry seems to coordinate quite well though.

  2. Cranberry!

  3. cranberry is right. 🙂 the others are pretty, but unless my monitor is way off, the cranberry looks best with what you have.

  4. putting the two pictures side by side, and assuming the colors are true on my monitor, I actually feel like all the colors coordinate…but I’m with everyone else, I like the cranberry best. It’s more muted than berry or chagrin, so will not compete with the vibrancy of the Chloe. Poppy could be nice too.

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