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In Uncategorized on October 24, 2013 at 2:19 pm

I’m vegetarian vegan depending in the day:-) (hey, I love cheese and eggs, sorry! I have cut down significantly) I’m not sure I’m doing it right and I stay hungry! Lol I need some variety. Do you guys have any recipes?I tried going back to find all the posts from you guys that I liked in general but today, specifically for lentils (I used to be able to return to posts I like and now I can’t locate anything…) Anyone have a clue what to do? Anyone have recipes to share? (No to soy.) Thanks in advance.

  1. well I’m completely a carnivore…but I do like yellow lentils boiled with salt and turmeric until they are completely mushy, and then blended smooth. Good as a soup or over rice…thin, thick, it’s all good – just change the amount of water you put in.

    I like to eat it with any one of the dozens of Indian pickles available at your local ethnic grocery store. Like this one:

    Also good with a light topping of onions, mustard seeds, bay leaves, and dried red chili peppers all toasted together in butter. The bay leaves and chili are for flavor only and would need to be picked out before eating, but the mustard seeds and onions are good in it 🙂

    you can even skip the blending for a chunkier texture if you prefer. Really, most lentils can be eaten this way…but I like the yellow ones (moong daal).

  2. Lentil and beetroot salad with feta (recipe is from jack monroe). It is fine without feta snd even nicer with haloumi. I’ve been having it for lunch at work. I have also invented a lentil lasagne which mt carnivorous husband claims to like more than meat! I don’t know the best way to send it though.

  3. – this is the lentil lasagne recipe. We use red or green lentils too and they work fine if you can’t get puy lentils. The cheese sauce recipe isn’t the best though – use lots of cheese!

    The other recipe is for beetroot, lentil and feta salad – It is also really cheap to make. Hope you enjoy 🙂

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