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Portuguese knitting… Hmm

In knitting on October 22, 2013 at 3:08 pm

Immediately after the Rhinebeck trip, Cynthia loaned me an instructional video by Andrea Wong at our Sunday meetup. Monday afternoon, I watched it.

My thoughts on this old world, traditional style is that, it’s easy! I learned the basics in about 5 minutes. I will say that the increases and double decreases are tricky, so I am still working on that. This made me love purling though… Seriously. I know that’s unnatural and beyond ability to fathom, but it’s true!

Doing this style of knitting felt natural… Nostalgic even. I felt like I’ve done this before. It was right for me. It was like my ancestors were calling me and holding my hands and guiding me through the process. Portuguese knitting, as far as I can tell, is all pros, no cons. Learning it is well worth the effort.

My tips to successful conversion is:
1. It’s easier to have a center pull ball so the yarn be easily and evenly fed.
2. Practice on a bulky weight yarn, so you can see what you’re doing better and get used to it or tension it on the middle finger.
3. Use the pin. I think it’s easier than over the neck.
4. Start on wooden straight needles about size 10 or 10.5
5. Feed the yarn from the right hand (coming from the ball/cake), clutching the yarn with the pinky finger or over the middle finger.
6. Hold the right hand needle like a table knife.
7. Keep the work at a comfortable distance from your face and try to keep it there.

Resource videos :

Please be sure to visit the page of the woman who keeps this style alive, Andrea Wong.

  1. I saw a couple tutorials on that a while ago and it just seemed so foreign and weird…not sure it’s for me, but glad it’s working for you!

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