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Getting Purly with Nancy Ricci

In events, knitting on October 9, 2013 at 12:00 am


On Monday 9/30, I had the honor and pleasure of supporting my friend and designer Nancy Ricci at La Casita. She has inspired me with her designs with simple shapes and techniques, yet creating stunning, functional, stylish yet practical pieces. She designs for Jade Sapphire and after the show I was able to touch products with that fine cashmere….I was in heaven! I digress, she’s featured in almost all the knitting magazines out in the ads for Jade Sapphire.


The crowd was amazing! The owners of Knitting Nation and Knitty City’s Ms. Pearl and staff as well as patrons of both shops came out to support her. One person from Knitty City crochet’s beautiful jewelry and even has a class! It was a really creative crowd and I felt inspired by being in that environment. There were goodie bags which included chocolates, a handwritten note and 5 patterns: Vintage headband, Obsession (4 variations of a scarf/cowl), Eleanora Top, Tristan’s Scarf and Papa Jon’s Cowl.

Nancy is a wonderfully warm person and I’d love for you to check her out on Ravelry: gettingpurly.

I’m not sure which pattern to do first! When I choose I will tell you!


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