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It’s here (and it’s fab-u-lous)

In knitting on September 7, 2013 at 2:58 pm

I posted this ad re: 2013-2014 Bergere De France catalog on my Facebook page, encouraging you all to get it as well and I hope you did.

I waited almost a month and when I was at the cusp of giving up… There it was! Bam! In my mailbox… Today. Right now!! My Bergere De France catalog! Oh. my. goodness!


Inside is just pure delicious European couture knit design and yummy yarn samples (well, yarn catalog… Same difference!lol) It. Is. Divine! I love it! MINE!



Knit all the things!

Carry on.

  1. Will you be knitting one?

  2. My catalog arrived today! I know what I’ll be flipping through (and drooling over) tonight after Hannah goes to bed. 🙂

    If only it had come yesterday. That would have given me something to do whilst Hubby watched Monday Night Football! 😛

  3. […] for 2 pregnant friends of mine. Lastly, I bought the Bergere De France pattern book I blogged about here. Please don’t judge me…I went tab […]

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