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What’s In My Toolbox?

In crochet, knitting on September 4, 2013 at 10:34 pm



What’s in my [travel] toolbox? A lot. And yes,there is a difference… I have a larger toolbox holding all my needles and notions and other equipment. I recently added one more thing to my toolbox when I began my Zolotoi top… A row counter.

This solitary tool changed my knitting life and especially so with this top! No more counting rows and after every row making a check mark which subsequently slowed my knitting time! This is amazing. When I was new to knitting (about 3 years ago) I bought it, but I didn’t know what it was and I was confused on how to use it. It helped me keep an accurate track of my rows so when I needed to replicate it, I had no trouble.

I suggest buying tools as you go instead of buying arbitrary things just because someone or magazine says its cool.  What’s good for the goose isn’t always good for the gander. Know what I mean? Buy tools that suit your needs.

My tools of the trade…
Top large segment: tape measure, yarn snipper, plastic pins, highlighter tape, a metal stitch correction tool (mini crochet hook on top), row counter, large plastic seaming needle and cable needles… All sorts of cable needles.

Compartments from top left, clockwise: needle protector, crochet thread for lifeline (trust me, I need it), stitch markers, plastic safety pin stitch markers (small size), plastic safety pin stitch markers(large), point protector, round plastic stitch markers(mixed sizes).

How I use them:
Most of these are pretty standard and obvious for the use i.e scissors, needles, plastic pins and cable needles so there’s not a need for me to explain.

Highlighter tape: I use it to “highlight” the row I’m working on in a chart.

Stitch corrector tool: I use it to fix dropped stitches, seam, and as a cable needle.

Lifeline thread: I place it at the completion of every repeat or after a particularly difficult row or when I’m getting ready to graft /kitchener.

Plastic safety pins: I use it to identify the WS of my work, holding stitches, stitch markers, pinning project pieces together, to indicate how many pattern repeats done and soon enough, I will be using it for Japanese short rows

Assorted round plastic stitch markers: I use these to indicate set sections of a pattern so I don’t have to keep counting.

Point protector: I use these for the ends of dpns when I knit with them; it keeps the stitches from falling off.

That’s it!
What do you have in your toolbox? Any regrets? Any superstar tools? Anything you want/need?

  1. I love the tool box idea! Favorite tool – stitch markers. round for the most part, but I use split ring and locking split ring markers to hold stitches I’ve dropped while making corrections and to mark specific rows or right sides of fabric as needed. second favorite – my cable needles, the U shape makes them completely idiot proof (i.e. me proof!). I’ve been thinking about getting a row marker but like you I’ve started out by making tick marks on a piece of paper. I’m just re-learning knitting so I’m still really slow anyway 🙂

    • Aren’t they the best though? I have split ring markers too but I don’t know how to use them!lol They sound similar to using the plastic safety pins. For cabling, it depends on my mood i.e. level of concentration I’m willing to put in, that’s why have so many! Now you know you are not just reteaching yourself to knit with that fabulous double sided rectangle you sent! You will be just fine with cabling…a super star! I’m claiming that for you! B-)

      • you’re too sweet 🙂 and I swear, I am re-learning everything – today I got my mind blown by seeing a list of like 9 different cast on techniques that I’d never heard of before. Besides, remember that square took me three not so nice tries to figure out, not counting the “guage swatch” one!

      • Thanks! I just like to encourage people and speak life/positive vibes. Yes, there are a lot of cast on’s and off’s…YouTube is a great resource for that. With the square I definitely understand but it’s still outstanding to me even if you are making a comeback!

  2. I’ve been wanting/needing a row counter for such a long time! That and sock blockers…oh and blocking wires…and a blocking mat. lol

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