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Dyeing for Yarn

In crochet, knitting on August 27, 2013 at 12:00 am



I decided last minute to take a dyeing class at my LYS, La Casita. My heart was in my throat as I drove through the expansive abyss called Manhattan. I ran into severe traffic on the FDR so I had to go local until 72nd St. and it was smooth sailing there after. The class was maybe about half a dozen people so it was intimate. Each participant was given 1 fingering and 1 worsted weight skein and if you wanted more, you paid extra. We all had our turn at choosing the colors…mine was hot pink. But we had a great selection of colors: bright yellow, chartreuse, emerald green, red, grey, turquoise, lavender, purple, orange, navy blue, and a couple other colors I forgot. We used syringes to saturate our yarn and you had to remember to get the backside..I didn’t want any white spots on mine, nor did I want pooling so I felt like it took forever. Who knew yarn dyeing was such a time consuming and labor intensive hobby? My fingering weight I went Picasso on it and the worsted I went for a solid with splotches of purple kettle dyed look. After dyeing, our skeins were neatly wrapped in saran wrap then popped in the microwave. They were later treated minus our presence and lay to dry.

Three days later, back in Brooklyn. I was traveling to Brooklyn anyway and I went to pick up my beautifully dried hanks. I made it to the shop just in time and while I was there I got a chocolate cake. I was having a kinda cruddy day and I needed that cake. I hung out only like 20 minutes and the shop was closed..Didn’t even knit one solitary row.



  1. pretty! looks like fun too 🙂

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