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Um, where my socks at?

In knitting on August 15, 2013 at 10:01 pm

The summer has finally come to a close and fall has reared its head earlier than anticipated. It’s freezing! Maybe there are a few more hot days but I don’t see (or feel for that matter) it. Sandals and all other summer shoes requiring no socks are out…. Boots are in!

With all that said, it was just yesterday (and today too) I was looking for socks and I had none. I am convinced sock monsters exist! I had foot here and an unmatched foot there! And it was literally just those socks alone.

It was just a day or so ago, I asked on Facebook about everyone’s intended Fall projects were. It was Sara who suggested socks… My thought was something bigger, like a sweater or something, but but my immediate need has now presented itself. Socks.It.Is.

And not one at a time either… Two at a time on 2 circulars is the way for me ( I suffer from acute second sock syndrome). I could die if I do it any other way!

So the question is, when will I start this in between my cousins blanket and the blankie I asked for your vote on? I may just end up having these 3 projects going on at the same time… The need is now (unless I can find a couple of inexpensive pair?) I need it. My feet are cold and suffering!

  1. I still have not tried two at once socks, but I do all my socks on two circulars. Is it hard to keep track of what you are doing? I ercently discovered toe up socks, and will be doing more – the toes and heels are much easier, I think – no grafting toes nor picking up stitches on the heel!

    • I think you are on the right track with using 2 circulars; dpns give me the hebee-jeebies! Yuk! I have a book called Knitting Circles Around Socks which is pretty good and there’s a YouTube video by VeryPINKknits which is also pretty good. It’s a fairly simple process. I have yet to try toe up socks… I heard the fit was weird(feels uncomfortable) so I never thought of doing it. How’s the feel and fit?

  2. Stupid question here, do you have to use 2balls of wool when doing 2 together?

  3. No harm in having three projects going at once. Besides, if you really focus you can get a simple pair of socks done in a weekend!

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